Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Day Kitsch

(image from inside cover of 'This is For You' by Rob Ryan - details below)

I first started compiling a bit of a Valentine's Day gift guide late last week... and I didn't mean for it to end up this way, but I just somehow ended up with a collection containing every heart-shaped, bright red, kooky, kitsch gift item on the web....

Hmmm. Sorry I have no explanation for this. It must say something very worrying about my subconscious mind... But it does make a pretty picture :)

ps) I know everyone except me hates Valentine's Day... even my most happily loved-up friends seem to believe it's all a sneaky Hallmark conspiracy. BUT in defence of Valentine's day can I just say that any excuse is a good excuse for letting someone know you love them. SO if you don't have someone to buy for... I think you should at least consider sending your Mum a bunch of flowers, making your flatmate some 'I Love You' toast for breakfast, or popping a heart-shaped paperclip on your long-overdue tax return... just to give your accountant something to smile about :)

Please double-click on the image for more detail... still learning the ropes... sorry it's not so clear...

1) Mimobot 'One Love' 1 gb USB drive (front and back shown), US$39.95 from Mimobot
2) Retro 50's Valentines cards, US$8 for set of 10 from Fred Flare
3) Alessi heart-shaped spoon, $15 each from RG Madden (pictured with the best ice cream in the world - Homer Hudson Chocolate Rock)
4) 'I Love You' toast - toast stamps available here on ebay for cheap cheap.
5) Lomo 8 lens camera - takes 8 photos in succession using standard 35mm film. US$40 from Fred Flare.
6) Super-cute heart-shaped 'measure your love' measuring cups for the kitchen! I love these! Fred Flare again, US$14.
7) 'You're Okay' cute letterpressed card with tick boxes by Paper + Cup, $4.50 or $14 for a set of 6.
8) heart-shaped paperclips from Kikki K, $9.95.
9) Le Creuset heart-shaped casserole pot, available from Amazon - US$139.99 (probably plus another $100000 for shipping but it was too gorgeous not to include...)
10) 'This is For You' by Rob Ryan. If you haven't seen this book yet you must have been living under a rock. Rob Ryan does the most intricate papercut artwork, and this book is full of the most beautiful work... I will make a post with some scans from inside this book soon. I've seen it at Metropolis Bookshop in the city and Coventry Bookstore in South Melbourne, or at Amazon. (about US$15 online - plus shipping - or AUS$30.00 in Melbourne bookshops)
11) Expensive-ish purse from Mimco, which is now irritatingly not available on their website anymore (even though it was only 2 days ago when I compiled this list. blah). I think it was around $170.
12) Kikki K 'Love Conversation Starter' $14.95. Cute little game to play over champagne with your Valentine... take it in turns to choose cards from the box, and answer questions like 'the first thing I noticed about you was'... or 'One thing you've taught me is...'. My fella would kill me if I brought this home... but try your luck I guess!


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