Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Proef Amsterdam

Please forgive the hurriedness(?) of this post... My laptop is in mac hospital and I have been without it for a few days now... it died last week and I may have lost lots of recent work.. and a fair bit of blog stuff :( Anyway, the motto of the story is BACK UP your hard drive! I was lucky I backed up maybe 2 months ago? So it's bad but not awful.

Anyway I have limited access to the internet until tomorrow when hopefully my laptop will be all shiny and happy with a new hard drive... soooo that's my excuse for a quick, short post. Sorry! All will be back to normal tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

I don't know exactly what Proef is... But here's what I gather - a 'food design' company based in Amsterdam and headed up by Marije Vogelzang.. she's a kind of eccentric food designer who does crazy food-based events, installations, artworks, collaborations... things like printing people's meals at a dinner party with odd statements in edible ink... making a 'ham man' installation(!)... making an entire feast of all blue food.. etc etc... it looks like a crazy, very experimental and super-fun place to work. That's all I know for now! Will research more tomorrow... meantime look at the fun photos on their blog and try to decipher the Dutch (there's some English too!)


  1. Proef means taste. Taste Amlsterdam...

  2. I've been meaning to back up my photos for ages, and reading your blog reminded me to do it. Thank you. Hope the computer man can rescue all your stuff.
    Also, thanks to your inspiring blog my mum now has a two year subscription to Vogue Living and is very excited.

  3. ohhh thanks for the translation! Please excuse my ignorance... actually I have some more info on Marije Vogelzang now so I will update these details soon..

    JESSSSS hi favourite and most loyal blog-reader! Yes you must back up your mac... I am nearly back to normal now thankfully. $440 later! ouch. ps) I got a vogue living subscription too after writing that post...

  4. If you go to the proef website and click on the english flag on the first page you will find the site in english