Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oye Modern

Resin and silver bangle by Loop
Translucent resin bangles by Loop
Acrylic diamond rings by BY:AMT
Floral star amulet necklace by Kristina Brenke

Jeni from Oye Modern emailed me yesterday about her online jewellery store... After checking out her collection I jumped at the chance to profile Oye Modern here! Jeni specialises in contemporary pieces by independent designers, most of whom are Australian. My favourite pieces include the stunningly simple resin and silver bangle and translucent resin bangles by Loop, the kooky acrylic diamond rings by BY:AMT and the more girly Floral Star Amulet necklace by Kristina Brenke (all pictured above)... But there's a lot more on offer so be sure to browse the site to check out the rest of the Oye Modern collection!


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