Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Melbourne Home - Felicity & David of Yellow Diva

The Williamstown home of Felicity and David Joll and family - above - one of David's striking chair designs for Yellow Diva.

Hallway from entrance

Lovely view of the lemon tree from Felicity's study

Bright pops of yellow in the study

One of Yellow Diva's popular recent designs - the M Series armchair, launched last year.

Love Felicity and David's eclectic colourful the loungeroom - reupholstered antique chairs and chaise, Turkish rugs, kooky wall-mounted shelving...

More loungeroom details - including a very special UFO-style lamp by international design superstars El Ultimo Grito. Felicity and David picked it up many moons ago at a trade fair in London.

Oh my. I know I say this every week, but really and truly, how gorgeous is this home? UK-born Felicity Joll and her Australian husband David Walley moved to Melbourne from London with their kids 5 years ago, after many years living in the UK. They settled in the pretty village suburb of Williamstown, purchasing a cute but slightly run-down Victorian weatherboard home. The creative pair instantly set about re-designing their ramshackle little cottage... didn't they do an incredible job?

With backgrounds in architecture, furniture design and film design, it's no surprise that David & Felicity have managed to design and build a rear extension which seems to connect so seamlessly with the existing property... and somehow feels like it's been there forever! The outcome is so beautiful and has a really homely, welcoming feel. Strangely enough, it seems like a really 'English' home to me - despite being tucked just behind Williamstown beach! I think this is partly because the pair designed their extension around distinctly separate living zones - Felicity explained to me that they were really keen on the idea of separate kitchen and living rooms... which is so rare these days. It really works well in this space - no open plan living around here!

And if you're wondering about Felicity and David's incredible furniture, those amazing sculptural chairs are designed by David for the couple's furniture company, Yellow Diva! Long-standing readers might remember I interviewed David 2 whole years ago...? Wow time flies!

If you LOVE Felicity and David's home I am sure you will love their range of furniture and new home accessories...! Yellow Diva are exhibiting this week at Design:Made:Trade in Melbourne and have four brand new products to share... a sneak peek is below! Do pop in and say hello if you're heading to D:M:T!

Yellow Diva's brand new SpiraLites and Fandeck pendant lampshades, launching this week at Design:Made:Trade.

Yellow Diva - Stall 69 at Design:Made:Trade
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton
July 15th - 18th (15th - 16th trade only, 17th - 18th open to the public)
$10.00 entry on the weekend

Yellow Diva showroom
51 Victoria Crescent

9421 8844

Open Monday - Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

Yes an original Banksy! (Purchased in London while they were still affordable!)

Kitchen. Love that heart-shaped Le Creuset pot! (A wedding gift)

David's WB stool design for Zenith furniture. It is REALLY nice. And comfy. See more colours / variations here.

Rear addition (nice Melbourne weather)

Bedroom aka 'Parent's Retreat!'

No TDF home tour is complete with the obligatory Kids's rooms!

Looking out the front door...

ACTUAL nature strip in Williamstown. Amazing, no?! Just like a country town! And there are swings on the nature strip outside everyone's houses (I saw at least 3). True story!


  1. What an awesome house! I love those shelves in the loungeroom. And the kitchen is fantastic. Lots of light too and awesome floorboards :-D

  2. Good lord I love that MC1 chair (and all those books behind it). And I love that this house looks lived in. Nice feature!

  3. Beautiful home. I am very much hoping my lemon tree looks like the one above some day xx

  4. Does anyone know where I can get those shelves in the loungeroom from? Or are they custom made?

  5. wow, you really do find the best homes!! And is that seriously an original banksy?!! wow

  6. Fan of the MC1 chair, and that kitchen stool.

  7. Hi Lucy, what a fab home! I drive past Yellow Diva all the time and am now inspired to get a look inside.

    Also want to say a big thank you to you personally. I saw you speak at Coco Republic (I asked you the research question!) and you inspired me to start the blog I have been thinking about forever! Thanks!

    ps how do i email you??

  8. Great home! I am happy to see my RMIT Textile design friend Alex Lawrance's beach house design throw in the master bedroom. I recognise that design that Alex did for Country Road many moons ago!
    I love the view from the study of the lemon tree too.

  9. What a lovely house! Such warmth and cosiness inside. The greyness outside enhances the cosy interior...