Thursday, July 15, 2010

LPG Fruit Bowls

LGP Fruit Bowls from Industria X - priced from $75 - $110. I borrowed these for a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and then could not part with them.... so I had to buy them :) Common workspace hazard around here.

I love these LPG fruit bowls SO MUCH. Such simple genius - they're made from re-purposed LPG gas canisters, carefully sliced at varying heights and powder-coated in the most delicious range of lolly colours. Each is unique, as they are all made by hand from a variety of different styles of canister. My favourites are the tall ones! But then you really need two side by side... don't you!?

Not surprisingly, the LPG fruit bowls are made by the very clever folk at Industria in Fitzroy... is there anything those guys can't make!?

Do pop over to the Industria X website for more custom-made industrial-style furniture and homewares! They can also make almost anything to order - they do an incredible job and the prices are really reasonable. Promise.


  1. I saw these not long ago, too - I love them. So beautifully executed, I had trouble convincing myself that they ever had another purpose.

  2. Genius idea!

  3. this is way to cool! i want one too!

  4. They are indeed very cool and look like something that I saw in a book at the NGV yesterday, unfortunately I forget the name of the book...
    By the way I was at the breakfast yesterday, was such a lovely morning! Thank you!

  5. My boyfriend likes these, I might just have actually found a present for his next birthday, woot. Thanks Lucy, thanks Industria!