Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Brilliant new nursery furniture by Melbourne-based Ubabub

Pod cot (converts to junior bed)

Nifty clear cot (also converts to junior bed)

Melbourne parents Natasha and Daniel Dumais are the clever couple behind Ubabub... and this is their very first range of fabulous nursery furniture and wall art! Is it not seriously gorgeous stuff?!

It's a common story - When expecting the birth of their first daughter, Natasha and Daniel went in search of nursery items which would reflect the contemporary style of their home, whilst of course providing optimum safety, practicality and freedom for their soon-to-be bundle of joy! They struggled to find pieces which were as handsome as they were practical... and so of course were inspired to create their own!

After three years of development and design in collaboration with local industrial designers, Natasha and Daniel have finally realised their ideas, with a striking range of furniture and wall art launching this month! Both cot designs convert into junior beds, there's also a Nifty changetable (coolest. changetable. ever), and a brilliant collection of affordable prints, perfect for any kid's room!

As soon as I saw the Ubabub's gorgeous branding and website design... I knew there must be a graphic designer behind the scenes....! Sure enough, Natasha’s background is in graphic design, whilst Daniel’s experience has been in business logistics. Together, the pair also own and run a brand and design studio in Melbourne, Magnetic Design.

SO, If you're not in the market for designer baby furniture right now... at least you'll be seduced by Magnetic Design's fantastic folio of design work...!? Super lovely.

Ubabub products will be available later this month, from local stockists listed here.

Ubabub's Nifty changetable and gorgeous wall art

Man. This is really cute kids room styling.


  1. I'm not usually into contemporary, but they are seriously cute kiddie beds and that last picture teamed with the dark olive wall and AMAZING wall displays, totally converted!!

  2. Very nice stuff! As a mum to two under three, I can pretty safely say that these would have to be some of the best kinder cots I've ever seen. Paring timber and perspex was really insightful! I wonder though, does the curved cot (as seen in the last shot) require a custom mattress ad linen?

  3. So cute! Can you also order this in Europe?

    By the way, lovely blog! I will follow it from now on;-)

  4. How beautiful. Those are some lucky babies!! Carol

  5. These are beautiful, of course. But I'd really love to see some designers making more affordable nursery furniture. I don't know many people who will spend $1,200 for a cot (even if it does convert into a toddler bed).

  6. These are gorgeous!! Love it!

  7. Oooh I really like these items. That's one lucky baby who gets to sleep in those cots and beds.