Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melbourne Home - Rosetta Santucci and family

The Footscray home of Rosetta Santucci and family

Perhaps this gorgeous place might look a little familiar... The lovely home of the Santucci family in Footscray has received it's fair share of attention over the past few years - it's been featured in a few local mags, and you might also have spotted it earlier this year on Design*Sponge! Much deserved attention I must say!

Anyhoo, I hope you will agree that when a place is truly this gorgeous, it is ok to double up :) Because, seriously, how lovely is it??!

The Santucci's are just the most beautiful and insanely talented family. Both John and Rosetta are incredibly talented artists.... you may have seen their stunning paintings around Melbourne galleries and homes, or featured in print over the past few years. John and Rosetta also both have a background in the film industry - John in the art department, and Rosetta in costume. A few years ago Rosetta left it all behind to pursue her passion, with the encouragement of her wonderful husband! Brilliant move! (...and I can definitely vouch for the fact that working fulltime in the film industry is not exactly conducive to pursuing ones' passion...!)

Rosetta and John bought their little weatherboard cottage in Footscray 4.5 years ago. It was built around the 1920's, with a big back yard, 'I could see some potential' says Rosetta 'and believe me, you did have to have an imagination!'. Rosetta and John pulled up the carpets, polished the boards themselves and painted them with a Porter's wood wash - transforming the place into a light, bright space. When they got the keys after settlement, they realised that the "bright kitchen" and "functional bathroom" actually had to be raised to the ground and rebuilt - which John and a builder friend did in a tight squeeze of 3 weeks before christmas! 'Stress levels were a little high!' Rosetta remembers!

Next on the list was a studio out the back - the whole family had to squeeze into one bedroom for many months, to wait for the studio to be built, as the 2nd bedroom was used as as studio in the mean time. 'Finally we got our studio and the boys (Oliver and Marcello) could move into their own room.' says Rosetta 'It felt like a whole new space opened up!'

You can see many of Rosetta's exquisite paintings in these shots of her beautiful home... and before you ask WHERE CAN I BUY ONE OF THOSE AMAZING PAINTINGS you might also like to know that next month Rosetta is having a solo exhibition of brand new work at Green-Wood Gallery in South Melbourne!

Sneaky-peeks at Rosetta's brand new works for the upcoming show! - "Follow me there" Acrylic on canvas, 92 x 92 cm.

And another... "Forage through" acrylic on canvas, 61 x 76cm

Rosetta Santucci Exhibition

Opening night - Thursday July 22nd 6.00pm - 8.00pm (all welcome)
Exhibition runs 22nd July until 8th August 2010
Gallery hours - Wed - Sun, 11.00am - 500pm

Green-Wood Gallery
1 Hothan st, South Melbourne

Put it in your diary right now people! Rosetta's work gets snapped up quicker than the Prime Minister-ship in an election year. (Thanks to tweeters Cocollette and KT for that one!).

The Santucci's cute pooch is not camera shy...

...and he kind of matches the furniture?

Love the master bedroom... Another beautiful Rosetta Santucci painting above the bed. Swoon.

Painting studio

One more of Rosetta's new paintings for the upcoming show... "I know the way out" Acrylic on canvas. 183 x 137 cm.


  1. Such a beautiful home, full of character and passion. Makes me want to rush out and finally buy that David Trubridge pendant light!

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    Love the house, the floorboards are beautiful - and so is the puppy!

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