Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Classic leathergoods by Tallarook-based craft/design duo, Tailfeather.

Durable leather bags and satchels

Coming soon from Tailfeather! - Kangaroo skin iPhone cases and card wallets with Laser etched designs by local artists - Nails, TwoOne, Oh54 and Bonsai (Scottie).

You'd think these old-school leathergoods were the product of some long-established saddlery from Australia's early settlement or goldrush years. In fact, they're the work of two young designers living in Tallarook, just North of Melbourne in country Victoria.

Tailfeather is the collaboration of Scottie Neoh, and Natalia Perez - a creative pair who use time-honoured leatherwork techniques and a range of diverse skills to create their classic designs. Scottie is a painter and illustrator by trade, whilst Natalia has a background in textile design. Each Tailfeather product is handmade in Scottie and Natalia’s Tallarook studio, with a focus on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability. Tailfeather products are made strong enough to last a generation.

Aside from being super-impressed by Tailfeather's simple, timeless designs and commitment to quality craftmanship... I was also somewhat mesmerised by their beautiful surroundings - I just had to share these recent Autumn photos posted on their website! Their studio is situated in the middle of 50 acres of forest, surrounded by Gum trees and and native animal-life... Wow.

Visit the Tailfeather website to view the full range and shop online.

Autumn in Tallarook!


  1. Hi Lucy,

    Wow, what a beautiful product range, and that leather looks stunning... Thanks a lot for sharing with us!! Whenever I have people visiting us from overseas, they're always asking me for "made in Australia" gift ideas, things that are a bit different and have a "soul". Well, these are going straight onto the list!

  2. NIce and Excllence post Bag was looking unique i like it