Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Melbourne Home - Leila Sanderson

Leila Sanderson's art deco South Yarra apartment. Top image - little green collage to the right of the window is called Summer Fjord by Liesl Pfeffer. Oil Jars in crate from Camberwell Market. Stool by Greg Hatton, quilted cushion made by Leila. All flowers by Katie Marx.

Jar light by Greg Hatton

Gorgeous floral display by Katie Marx, incredible stitched bunting by Leila!

More gorgeous blooms by Katie Marx in the dining room...

Another lovely Melbourne home to share today... this is the gorgeous South Yarra apartment of Leila Sanderson and her partner Tony. It was Leila who hooked up my recent interview with Greg Hatton... Leila works with Greg - affectionately referred to in Greg's interview as his 'Girl Friday' (although she works everyday! :) Leila's work for Greg is very diverse - from paving to furniture making, book-keeping to blogging, delivery-girl to publicity, tree-lopper and expert tee-pee maker! Ms Sanderson is one mean multitasker!

As always seems to be the case in the homes of creative people, Leila's place is full of beautiful crafty details... her apartment is home to many of Greg's creations, as well as her own handmade soft furnishings. Leila went to such effort to make her home super gorgeous when I visited - an incredible fire was roaring in the loungeroom (love that!), and she even had her florist friend Katie Marx fill the place with fresh flowers that morning! Wow - special!

It was so lovely to meet Leila in person after all our emails back and forth... and was also a brilliant surprise to meet Greg too! I was also somewhat overwhelmed to receive a couple of very special gifts from both of them... Agghh! Geez, I am one seriously lucky blogger! Must pinch myself daily to make sure this is not just one long super awesome dream.

Hope you love Leila's home as much as I do! Thanks so so much to Leila, Tony and Greg for the tea and biccies, great company, and very unnecessary presents! x

Leila's bedroom - looking out to the lovely sun-filled dressing room / annex... Pouffe, cushions and muslin curtains all made by Leila. White chair with drift wood Greg Hatton - a gift to Leila a couple of weeks after they first met! Leila's Mums snakeskin bag from the 60's. Vase from ebay. Hat - present from Tony from Newtown Sydney. Hanging heart, a gift from Leila's Mum in the UK.

Leila's legs! Love the vintage fan...

Dressing room annex... sorry for the Hitchcock self portrait! Impossible to avoid in this room I'm afraid! Love Katie's Chrysanthemums (?) which perfectly mirror Leila's hanging yellow tissue pom (from here of course!).

Tiny tea set! Bought originally for a tee-pee photo shoot... so sweet!

Bed head painting, hanging wall sculpture and quilt by Leila! Striped cushion from etsy-seller Park and Beach. Tony's faux timber bedside table from the Heide shop, film camera lamp from Camden Market London, Tony's radio and note book in which he lists of bands and tracks he needs to listen to/check out - once he's listened they get crossed out! (Tony's a sound engineer and musician - he's got years and years worth of notebooks like this one!!).

Lovely little details...

YELLOW bathroom fittings! And gorgeous milk-bottle flower arrangements by Katie Marx.

Ceramics from ebay, Country Road, the actual country(!!) and Gregory Bonasera.

'Tone's Cucina welcomes The Design Files!!'

Entrance hall with more Katie Marx-love...

The boy's corner... Tony's study / music room, plus a little NYC-love in the loungeroom... (Tony is NYC-mad) :)


  1. Wow, Lucy this is just beautiful. I love the little wooden NYC set, and the flowers...ohhhh those flowers! What a nice way to start the day - I feel calmer just having looked at this.

  2. WOW. So impressed..! Some great ideas and inspiration!

  3. Wow gorgeous home! I love the dark floorboards. So pretty and cosy :-D

  4. Loads of loveliness. I almost swooned over the yellow sink. Love the bunting and dressing room. Fab house! xx

  5. Beautiful homey home with lovely style.

  6. oh... dream home! So natural,comfortable and gorgeous!!!

  7. wow. i love everything about this place

  8. Love it............lucky YOU and Tony'd love my place too.........welcome

  9. Thank you everybody for your lovely comments I really appreciate it. We love living here! X

  10. Wow, what a lovely, lovely, lovely home. I love the tiny details (little bathroom figurines and the like!).

  11. I am absolutely desperate to know what is in the vase over the fire place? Please please Katie can you share it with us?

  12. Hi Katt - they're ornamental cabbages! X