Thursday, April 22, 2010

Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni

Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni in Trienalle, where Castiglioni worked for over 60 years(!!). Photos - Fabrizio Marchesi.

The workshop

Ok so I can't claim this is some kind of well-kept secret, because I did read about it in Lonely Planet and the *Wallpaper Milan guide... BUT the Achillie Castiglioni Studio Museum is just so super great I just couldn't help but mention it here!

I joined a little tour through Castiglioni's beautiful little 5 room space in the Triennale area on my last day in Milan... I actually didn't know too much about Castiglioni until this visit, but came away with a new-found respect for this much-loved Italian designer - his simple but ingenius designs, and his brilliant sense of humour! The tour was an intimate group of around 7 people, and the absolute best part was that it was taken by Castiglioni's daughter Giovanna! It was so great to hear first hand stories from her childhood, early memories of her father and visits to his now famous studio. Giovanna was so warm, generous and entertaining - chatting with her felt like gaining an insight into Achille's own personality.

This one is definitely a must-do if you're ever in Milan!

All details here.

Some of Castiglioni's impressive catalogue of products

Many of Castiglioni's famous designs are still in production today. Top - Danese Ovio, Bicchieri e Caraffa (1983), Lampadina lamp (1972 - Flos), Mezzadro stool (1957 - Zanotta). All product shots - Amendolagine-Barracchia.


  1. OMG I can't believe I missed this when I was in Milan. What a beautiful place with so many lovely things to look at. On my list for next time.

    Jetsetting Joyce

  2. What an amazing trip you must have had - I am very envious! But thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Love those timber floors! Welcome home Lucy!

  4. Achille Castiglioni is one of my favorite designers!