Friday, April 23, 2010

Emma Elizabeth's Milan Design Vlog!

Sydney-sider Emma Elizabeth gets cosy with Marcel Wanders during Milan design week! I don't know who looks more excited!

Goodness me. It's been a brilliant but very crazy week in Milano... and although I have loved every single moment, the whole volcanic ash thing did put a bit of a dampner on things towards the end there... and so I am blaming Volcano-induced stress for the absence of an interview for your today (Shocking!).

BUT never fear, I do have something even more exciting to share - a super awesome project by Sydney designer/stylist Emma Elizabeth Coffey!

Emma Elizabeth is a Milan veteran - she attends the Salone del Mobile every year and knows this city like the back of her hand. (She also speaks Italian and wears a designer dress every single day, which I find endlessly impressive!)

This year EE has started a seriously BRILLIANT project called Design Vlog - a kind of Guerilla-style video blog documenting all the happenings here during design week! EE has been madly dashing about the city, microphone in hand, with local cameraman Mike Stone, and together they have pinned down some seriously super famous designers (Marcel Wanders, Tom Dixon... and many more!). It is an absolutely brilliant little project and really gives you a feeling for the electric mood in this city during design week!

Check out this hilarious little video featuring Marcel Wanders! And you can pop over to Vimeo and to see all the others... design blog GOLD!

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  1. you can also visit gaffa gallery in Sydney and view all the interviews on a nice big television.

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