Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salone Satellite

Entrance to the main fair. H-U-G-E.

I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the main fair yesterday, until my fella gave me a good tip. He said to check out the Salone Satellite first - at the furthest-most point in the fairgrounds, this is the area allocated to young and emerging designers from around the world. Stands are small and simple, but some of the newest and most interesting stuff is here, and it is a manageable enough size to see everything in a few hours!

All the young designers are so lovely and friendly eager for their work to be seen.. and it was really great also to meet people of so many nationalities - there were lots of young Swedish and German designers, a great Japanese contingent, and I really liked the Young Serbian Designers stand. I was on the look out for Australian talent but spotted only one home-grown design in the mix - Darcy Clark's woven pendant lights looked so great clustered together above one of the rest areas.... (You can buy these from Safari Living in Melbourne actually!).

Here are some highlights... more pics on the Flickr! (Still have to finish the captions... bear with me!). x

Perhaps my favourite piece at Salone Satellite - a super simple but beautiful light by young Swedish designer Daniel Rybakken constructed from a lightsource and 2 pieces of different coloured glass, placed freely leaning against a wall. So beautiful.

Daniel Rybakken exhibited with 2 other fantastic Swedish designers - beautiful understated work. The beautiful marble-based lamp in the top image is by Hallgeir Homstvedt, and Staffan Holm designed the elegant stacking stool - super lightweight and again beautiful in it's simplicity. When stacked high the stools form a kind of 'twist'.

Something tells me that UK designer Grace Winteringhams' Phase Bureau inlaid marquetry cabinet will be all over the design magazines in the next couple of months! It's so photogenic isn't it?! Grace and fellow designer Anna Murray also have a really great pattern blog called Patternity. Well worth a visit.

Interesting pieces from cross-continental design collective OutofStock. (The OutofStock team were featured in Wallpaper Magazine's graduate directory in 2009 as outstanding recent graduates.) The Boya lamp is inspired by nautical beacons and marine boys... the Hues set of nesting tables is inspired by coloured overlays in Venn diagrams...

Australian designer Darcy Clarke's lamps hang majestically in one of the Salone Satellite rest areas.

Very kooky but fun stuff from Denmark - the Hockerbank seat/ table is beautifully finished, by Yvonne Fehling & Jenni Piez, whose little design studio is called Kraud. Studio Cordula Kehrer are responsible for the super-cute Bow Bins - paper bins created from re-purposed plastic buckets using traditional basket weaving techniques. Remind me of Hella Jongerius for some reason...? Much cuter than your usual office wastepaper bin.

Lovely stuff by another Swedish designer - Lisa Hilland's collection My Granddaughter's Cabinet was inspired by the idea of creating treasured heirloom pieces to hand down to the next generation. Love the ruched leather frills...

General installations / rest areas in the Salone Satellite area

The Young Serbian Designers stand had some lovely colourful work. Ana Kras' work was my favourite I think. Great colours and textures. Ana Kras was also extremely lovely and beautiful like some kind of Eastern European supermodel. :)

More Swedish design! Fulo is a co-operative of Swedish designers - the Oblique storage system is by Olof Nodernson and Ulf Nilsson Jevin, and can be built up in endless configurations from separate perspective-defying building blocks... the demonstration gathered a lot of interest from passers-by!

More Oblique storage system - from Fulo

'This is a table which will surprise you' reads the blurb on the Fulo website. :) Yep consider me surprised! Crazy table / desk with stretchy hidden compartments by Swedes Olof Nodernson and Ulf Nilsson Jevin... cute!

Singapore-based D-Lab created a very lovely and super simple collection of containers and accessories called Pre-Editions. Lovely soft timber, brushed metals and some kind of trademarked matt-finish plastic material called Delrin?

Kontour timber blind by Helena Karelson of Kingston University, London.

Some interesting pieces by a cute collective of German girls called Fresh from the Mint... top - Stooltypes_01-04 by Nico Reinhardt, bottom - the LUZet lamp by Anna Seibel can be hung like a pendant or rested on the floor...


  1. I'd love to sit in THAT resting area!

  2. I'm astounded by all the awesomeness!

  3. i've not long discovered the work of ana kras, it's so simply beautiful - and the colours!

  4. thank you for the great coverage lucy. really love the outofstock lights! a great discovery. thanks.