Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beci Orpin's 'The Infinite Shape of Rainbows' exhibition - opening tonight!

Illustrations from Beci Orpins new show, opening tonight at Lamington Drive :)

OK so sorry but it's not all about Milan over here just yet... Still getting my head around it all (and the time difference!), am hoping to have some more Milan pics for you later today! In the meantime, I couldn't help but plug brilliant Beci Orpin's new show... - after all, you've seen her house, now it's time to go see her art! :)

Oh MY how good are the sinister black and white ladies with the bat masks? brilliant.

'The Infinite Shape of Rainbows' opens tonight at Lamington Drive in Fitzroy. The good thing about an opening at Lamington Drive (aside from the Lamingtons, of course) is that you are pretty much guaranteed to half-know at least one person there. I seriously reckon even if you live in Darwin or something, you would find a familiar face at Lamington Drive. It's magical like that :)

Another great thing about an opening at Lamington Drive is secretly sneaking out without saying goodbye to anyone, in time for the 8.30 sitting at Anada. Mmmm... Anada.

The Infinite Shape of Rainbows - new stuff by Beci Orpin
From April 15th - May 8th

Opening tonight April 15th from 6.00pm

Lamington Drive
89 George st


  1. good luck with the exhibition!!!!

  2. Oh they are so joyful. Stupid melbourne!

  3. can't wait! yay! i'm wearing my princess tina tee-shirt today

  4. What gorgeous images! The colours are fantastic!

    Outdoors on Parade

  5. i'd have loved to go to that but i have a rotten cold and am housebound :(

  6. Bid on a Beci Orpin original with Inside Out's charity auction - proceeds go to HeartKids.

    Starts April 27, 2010