Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sydney Home - Justine Fahd of Upon a Fold!

Details from the delicious Sydney apartment of Upon a Fold's Justine Fahd! Oh my. I dream of such picture-perfect counter-top collections at my place! All these beautiful photos were taken by Justine's sister, Cherine Fahd.

Details from Justine's living area - top right is Justine's fave photo - 'Africa' by her sister Cherine.

Details from living area, including another of Cherine's photographs - 'Trafalgar Square, Pigeons'

Bedroom details - including a paper lamp on the bedside... and more beautiful contemporary photography.

Grandma's chair - re-vamped by Justine (they were previously gold!)

I have not one but two seriously cute Sydney apartments to share today... one now and another which will pop up at lunchtime! Both homes belong to very talented Sydney-based creative ladies... and both are small-ish spaces but so special and so perfectly put-together. Both homes seem to complement each other so well, so I figured what the hell - you guys deserve a double-dose of home snooping today!

First up is the delicious Sydney apartment of graphic designer and paper lover Justine Fahd of Upon a Fold! As you guys know, Upon a Fold is my most recent exciting online discovery - I just can't get enough of Justine's brilliantly curated collection of papery goodness... and so it was no surprise to discover that her home is also super gorgeous!

Justine and husband Matt moved into their beautiful little Balmain two-bedroom apartment 18 months ago. Previously the couple lived for four years in a smaller one-bedroom apartment, but Justine's dreams of starting her little paper store meant moving somewhere big enough to accommodate a studio for this brand new home-based business!

As you can see Justine's place is full of beautiful things... I love her collection of artworks and photography - and of course all the beautiful paper nik naks in every corner! Justine says she has been collecting objects and art for as long as she can remember... her two favourite photographs 'The chosen, Africa' and ' Trafalgar Square, Pigeons' were finally able to come out of storage when they moved into their current home. (Both photos were gifts from Justine's sister Cherine, who also took all the stunning photos of Justine's place you see here.)

One of Justine's favourite things about living in Balmain is the townhall clock bells - "When they sound on the hour it feels as if you're in a country town somewhere not in the middle of a big city"! She also loves the bright, leafy outlook from her lovely little studio space at home... "It makes for a happy creative environment" she says!

Thanks so much Justine for sharing her gorgeous home with us, and to her sister Cherine for all the beautiful shots! If you love Justine's home you are sure to love her store... do pop over to Upon a Fold and check it out if you haven't already!

Oh my GAWD that top shot of Matt at the table with the picture-perfect tomatoes is a winner isn't it? Also love the rustic dark timber kitchen table...

hallway detail

Studio desk - especially for 'making things on'. :)

desk/office details

Paper goodies for the shop...

Sweet paper hearts, handmade by Justine... these accompany each Upon a Fold package...!


  1. Hi Lucy

    Thanks again for keeping the Sydney posts coming - I am moving in 3 weeks and get more excited every time I find out about other creative types in my new city!


  2. Gorgeous home, oozing creativity from every pore. Looking forward to reading this thoroughly when i get home from work today.

  3. eeepp!!! amazing!!!!
    Once Upon a Fold is also my new favourite online store!! so sweet and perfect and lovely. the website is especially awesome.

    my favourite shots, of all of these, is the storage one. I AM A SUCKER FOR good storage. Gosh. So inspired.

    and Balmain, my dream suburb! one day Renee one day!


  4. Love this home and her beautiful paper shop. I hope you do more Sydney homes in the future.

  5. Hey guys thanks so much for your gorgeous comments...! Thanks Stitchybritt for your commen... I would LOVE to have more news from Sydney and other states on the site... I am working on more and more! :)

    Hey Renee..!! stay tuned...! you're up next! xxx

  6. Thanks guys! So much LOVE! It has been an amazing 3 weeks since we launched. Discovering more and more everyday just how many people out there really love paper and craft! It's awesome!!

    Just so you know...we are adding new products to the site next week so make sure to visit us again soon. And once again thanks for your comments. I really, really enjoyed reading them :)

  7. Just had to comment, am very much enjoying these recent posts. Design Files seems to be going from strength to strength! Love it!

  8. Lovely, lovely Sydney home, Lucy! Yay!

  9. What a great home! And I love that store as well!