Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hand-crafted clothes by Sydney crafter Beattie - loving that little cropped grey singlet with the black / green binding... - only $45.00 and available here (...but not for long!)

Market day

Beattie is the colourful hand-crafted clothing label of Sydney-based Beatrice Lanser. I love the brave colours, wacky patterns and imperfect hand-stitching. Beattie's prints are just so bright and cheerful... I am convinced that wearing one of her fabulous dresses or a pair of her wicked printed stockings would put you in a great mood all day!

Beattie's great little blog documents new creations and market stalls, as well as other fun crafty endeavours and outings.
On top of making super cute clothes, and taking lovely photos, Beatrice seems to have an enviably vibrant, somewhat eccentric social life - evident in her staging of a spontaneous backyard 'enamel exhibition' recently, in which her extensive collection of vintage enamel cookware was 'exhibited' in her backyard and then gifted to deserving friends! Brilliant! (I so would have snapped up that polka-dot pale blue mug/jug.. so cute!)

'Enamel Thursday' backyard exhibition by Beatrice Lanser

You can find Beattie at the Paddington Markets in Sydney (Oxford st every Saturday, 10.00am - 5.00pm), and she also has a little Etsy store (sorry not much on there at the moment - be sure to check back!)


  1. thanks so much Lucy.
    you made me go all red!
    in a good way...

  2. I love a great graphic print, how good will one of those tops look with a pair of jeans and and ace jacket! I wonder if there are any plans for a kids range?

  3. oh yay! I picked up a lovely beattie dress when i had a ladies weekend up in sydney last year. and i love it. so gorgeous!

  4. pattern always make the clothes look funny and excited ! :)

  5. My favourite dress and the one I get most lovely comments about is by Beattie!! So glad you featured her beautiful wares...she's pretty handy with the old crochet and pom pom artforms too!

  6. you make me feel free ......

  7. I love that yellowy bacteria print... I love a headache of patterns. Hi Lucy!