Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Creative Alphabets

Daffodil Flower Alphabet by Vladimir Koncar (many more of his alphabets here)
Beard alphabet by Tim Yarzhombek.

Chair alphabet by Amandine Alessandra.

Pebble Font by Clotlide Olyff

The always fabulous Share Some Candy has made a brilliant little compilation of 41 creative alphabets... what is it about creative typography like this that always seems to inspire? I guess maybe it's about seeing something familiar in an entirely new way...

Check out the full collection here!

(...Although they did not include my all time favourite - Sonia Dyakova's Paper Alphabet, posted here a while back...)


  1. Nice!! I also came across the "We Make Words" blog the other day, really fun to explore. Bloggers Amy and Luci create words by arranging quirky objects.

  2. Another very cool alphabet chart which is over on etsy is:

    it's an alphabet eye chart. I'm going to get it for my son's room!

  3. YES Myriam how amazing are Amy and Luci!? I featured them a while ago but have not visited their site recently so will pop over now! Thanks for reminding me! (so much talent... so little time!)

    Thanks also Karen for your comment - what a gorgeous little chart.. Etsy is a treasure trove! much to discover!!