Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Mag issue 2 - such gorgeous shots.. LOVE that black/white striped bathroom!

The incredible Paris apartment of textile deisgner Lisa Fine as featured in Lonny this month - photos by Miguel Flores Vianna, styled by Lauren Goodman.

I have a bold statement to make. I think there may be nothing better on the whole internet than Lonny Magazine. Truly!

I thought maybe blogs would be the new print magazine. But now I realise I was mistaken. Lonny Magazine is the new print magazine! Lonny is a magazine in every sense - except, it's not printed on paper. It's here, online. AND the pages turn, just like a normal magazine! Oh the genius.

Lonny mag is seriously TRULY fabulous, so fabulous, infact, that their launch issue in October has received 10 million pageviews worldwide! Is that not INCREDIBLE!?

Lonny is the brainchild of New York-based Rubie Green designer Michelle Adams, and photographer Patrick Cline, who conceived their ambitious idea back in June, when many of their favourite US interiors magazines were sadly folding due to the dreaded G-F-C. :( The result - a brand new publication which has the look and feel of well-loved US favourites such as Dwell and Domino, but which is entirely paper-free (= happy environment), reaches a far greater audience than any print publication possibly could (= happy advertisers), and oh yeah, it's 100% FREE (= happy readers!)

Just goes to show, sometime the simplest of ideas are in fact the most genius. NICE work Michelle and co!

Issue 1 (October 09) is here!
Issue 2 (current issue) is here!

Do check out Michelle's gorgeous blog too here! Ahhh I think I may have a new girl crush....

Kate Spade Feature in Lonny December issue

J. Crew Feature in Lonny December issue - photos by Patrick Cline, Styling by Michelle Adams

Manhattan apartment designed by Brad Ford, as seen in this month's Lonny Mag.


  1. oh that bathroom does look splendiferous...can't wait til i have my own place to decorate

  2. Love those stripes! Thanks for the links to Lonny. I had heard it was coming but lost track of it. Glad you posted the older issues too. Looking forward to digging in. Great blog!

  3. I love the magazine, but wish it were in print! It takes hours to download the entire magazine! and yes, I have a new macpro and cable