Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Broadsheet is a brand new online magazine and directory covering Melbourne events, entertainment, culture and style. I know I know... there's already a million websites/streetpress mags/email-outs etc claiming to keep you in the loop with all this wonderful city has to offer... BUT actually, seriously, Broadsheet is really good. Promise!

The photos are excellent, the writing is intelligent, succinct and accurate... and, refreshingly, the writers do not try to squeeze pretentious subversive gags into every sentence. It's a slick but simple, user-friendly offering, with a clear focus on quality content. Very Melbourne, really.

I like it, I think you will too :)

Melbourne photos by Broadsheet contributing photographer Julia Atkinson


  1. OK, I will check it out, if only to find out the location of that pictured bakery. YUM.

  2. Oh Tess it is Baker de Chirico on Fitzroy st in St Kilda of course! Melbourne's bestest bakery...!

    also they are opening a pop-up bakery in the CBD over Christmas...!


  3. he he - i like the mention of the squeezing pretentious, subversive gags...very true sometimes:)

  4. this is fantastic, thankyou! can you recommend some other similar sites? the only one i've been visiting till now is thatsmelbourne. or perhaps broadsheet will be the only one i'll need from now on :)

  5. Oooh I love Broadsheet! They recommended a great little Japanese bar that my friends all loved.

    I especially agree with this:

    and, refreshingly, the writers do not try to squeeze pretentious subversive gags into every sentence

  6. Thanks for the link.
    I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. Love finding other Aussie bloggers. :)

  7. Well with that and the 3-of-a-kind show, it looks like I'm taking a trip to St Kilda... :)

  8. great post, thanks for sharing!

  9. omg must go visit that bakery,looks amazing