Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Anthropologist

The Anthropologist shares an inspired behind-the-scenes peek into Jane Campion's latest film, Bright Star, sharing a collection of snippets from the making of the film.

Jane Campion's note
Bright Star cinematographer Greig Fraser shares his photos

Seriously, could Anthropologie have it any more sussed? Clearly they already have a cult following in the US and beyond, an unrivaled reputation for visual merchandising and window installation - and of course the most incredible range of eclectic homewares, fashion and accessories. NOW they've launched The Anthropologist. Of course, it is awesome.

The Anthropologist is a kind of a blog/website/online space which seeks to answer the question 'what is inspiration?'. It is based on the idea that 'revealing the passions of one person can result in the progress of many'. This may sound a little cheesy at first, but truly, it is so perfectly executed that you just can't help but be swept up and taken along for the ride...

Among other inspiring creative minds, The Anthropologist features filmmaker Jane Campion - sharing a beautiful collection of behind-the-scenes snippets from her latest film, Bright Star. It is so perfectly put together - moody snapshots taken by the cinematographer, gorgeous little videos and photos of the film's acting workshops and rehearsals... and even handwritten notes from Jane herself, written with such heartfelt warmth and encouragement that you feel she has almost addressed the letter to you personally.

Jane Campion offers handwritten notes of advice for budding filmmakers!

Never have I seen a big name brand create such a clever online presence... a website which you can't help but immerse yourself in, and which readers will be compelled to bookmark and visit regularly simply because the content is so damn good. But perhaps most surprising - The Anthropologist has no visible Anthropologie branding or advertising anywhere at all!!? Now that is inspired.

Art Department sketches from Bright Star

Folded love letter - a prop from the film


  1. Hi Lucy, thanks for putting this wonderful blog together. I love this photograph by Grieg Fraser - just beautiful. Any word on whether Anthropologie will be shipping to Australia any time soon?

  2. oh for god's sake!! too much inspiration can make a girl's head spin - yet another place to lose time, i give up! x