Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kate Endle collage illustrations

Collage illustration by Kate Endle

Seattle-based Illustrator / collage artist Kate Endle just followed me on Twitter... (Thanks Kate!)... so I found myself wandering over to her website. There are some lovely things... lots of bright and fun stuff for kids rooms etc, but I think I prefer her beautiful browns, greys and more muted tones. My favourites are her abstract shape collages. (Love that one on the dark background, top left).

Original collages and prints are available from Kate's Etsy shop.


  1. Stunning! I love the texture, they would look prefect in a childs room.
    Janette x

  2. Hi Lucy- Thanks for taking the time to visit my Etsy store and web site. Thanks, too, for posting a collection of my work. Your blog is really great and I look forward to checking up in the future. Bye for now-Kate Endle