Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dream Home

This is basically my dream home. Call me boring... but bright white walls and industrial details really float my boat :) Also love the birch tree in the courtyard, and the built-in cabinetry is pretty lovely too. Oh and the bathroom! Swoon.

This place was for sale in Melbourne a few weeks back... with $1 million as the price guide (meaning it probably went for, like, $1.8 or something!). I actually spotted it on the fabulous Desire to Inspire but forgot to share until now... such a fabulous pool of inspiration over there.. I can't keep up!

*update - Melbourne reader Edwina has her finger on the pulse... she's just emailed to let me know that the talented interior designer behind this beautiful home is Susie Cohen of Cohen Design Studio. Can't find a website for them unfortunately... Thanks Edwina!


  1. I used to live in a very industrial space and still love them - there are so many great things about this house, the detailing and the courtyards especially do it for me ! Sheila

  2. Wow. That's amazing. Maybe one day??

  3. Lovely! any idea who the architect might be? Thanks clealala

  4. Hey thanks for your comments ladies!

    Sheila - thanks so much for lal your lovely comments! Yes there's just something about industrial spaces huh!? I totally agree... I think the detailing here really makes it...

    Penny - YES one day! Hey, gotta aim high!

    Yes Clealala - just got an email from another reader who said Susie Cohen of Cohen Deisgn Studio designed the interior of this place... not sure about the architect though...

    Thanks! xx

  5. this place looks so much like a building i covet in fitzroy. freestanding warehouses are so hard to come by these days - nearly always divided into apartments. not that i have the money to buy one, if i found it!! the black industrial windows are divine. x