Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ramona Tienda

Ramona Tienda in North Melbourne

Love the gift cards by local designers/illustrators Chickenfoot, and gorgeous O-check stationery... still loving that hot air balloon card!

Ramona Tienda is a brand new lovely little shop you really must visit in North Melbourne. Look how gorgeous it is! I love how the store is dotted with happy little succulent plants in re-purposed containers! Cuteness.

Local textile designer and generally super-talented crafter Ramona Raven opened up her beautiful sunny little space just 1 month ago, after much scrubbing, painting, planning and preparation! Ramona previously worked at Wilkins and Kent, and the W&K crew have been fantastic mentors for her as she has faced the challenges of opening her own retail space! It took a leap of faith and a lot of elbow grease.... so do pop down and show your support next time you're in the area!

Ramona Tienda stocks many Design Files favourites, including O-Check stationery, Woot n Wright cushions, and hand-crafted resin accessories by local crafter Madeleine Beatty (Madz has Runaway).

Ramona Tienda
113 Errol st

North Melbourne

ph. 8682 8722


Mon-Fri 10.00am - 6.00pm

Sat 10.00am - 5.00pm

Resin accessories by Madz has Runaway, fabric brooches by Ramona Raven, Cushions by Woot n Wright.


  1. Ooh! And I love the gorgeous Elly Oak card in the last pic! This looks like such a beautiful shop :)

  2. how is it that I can walk errol steet everyday and yet need to be looking at your blog to find this?

    (its like you are my own personal shopper!)

  3. I popped by a week after they opened. And Ramona was such a sweet lady!

  4. I popped by a week after the shop opened. It was such a nice experience! And Ramona was really nice too!

  5. Cute Melbourne shop!

  6. looks gorgeous! have put this on the to-visit list : )