Monday, September 14, 2009

Lili Diallo

Images styled by NYC stylist Lili Diallo

If you're in the US, you most likely know the work of NYC-based stylist Lili Diallo. I only just discovered her recently... can't believe it took me so long!

Agghhhh. Such fabulous images. Love the bursts of colour and pattern... it's an unmistakeably 'American' aesthetic... yet so fresh and fun and young and not too twee or over-done.... gorgeous.


  1. Such gorgeous images. I think you're spot on with your description of this American aesthetic too. Always love your blog. Thanks

  2. Rooms like the beautiful one in that first photo look so grown up and unattainable to me. Not in a bad way - cos I love it - but I can just never imagine having a beautiful room like that in my own home.

  3. LOVING the last image and wishing it was my room : ) It may hurt my eyes in the morning but Id definitely feel alive! Thanks for sharing yet another beauty!