Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Propery

Beautiful things at The Propery

Sydney super-stylist Megan Morton is my favouritest person in the world right now. I love her to death. She is so completely genuinely fabulously lovely and generous and hilariously funny. I feel so, so lucky to call her a friend these days!

I spent some time with the delightful MM this morning at her gorgeous Propery in Alexandria, where all manner of delicious things live happily together in a loft above B2 photographic studios :)

So just in case yesterday's post wasn't enough eye-candy for you, here are some shots of the beautiful Propery collection. All these stunning bits and pieces are hired out for photographic shoots by Sydney stylists. Spot anything familiar? Many these lovely little items have graced the pages of your favourite mags - Inside Out, Vogue Living and Belle Magazine to name a few...

Thankyou so much to Megan for the coffee and chats, the B2 studios tour, door-to-door chauffeuring, wise advice and general loveliness! What a lucky blogger I am :)

Beautiful intricately carved timber trays...

The linen cupboard - love those red prints stacked up so beautifully!

The Propery loft ..and Propery badges! Cuteness.

The beautiful white B2 dining area - they also host incredible private functions here (see here!)


  1. dear lucky blogger, please can i put in an order for the irelands cakes crate, the red and white striped fold out stool and the spools of twine? i would also ask mm to drop by and style my kitchen shelves....many thanks in anticipation of a positive reply. yours sincerely, shelley t x

  2. Lucy, 'scuse my silly question - can you buy things at the Propery? only because there are prices on that fabric stack... or can non-stylists visit?

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing The Propery.

  4. Ha hi Shelley! OH disappointingly all these wonderful things are only for hire not for sale so alas we will have to hunt down our own stripey stools, spools of twine and rustic crates in Melbourne :)

    Tess - no no unfortunately those are hire prices, not sale prices... nothing is for sale at The Propery :( I am not too sure but I think it's really just for stylists :(

    Kirsty - Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  5. Megan Morton is also one of My Favourite Humans. Effortless style,a rapier wit and charm to spare. She is one of those world-class visual wizards that can make magic out of a handful of pebbles or a bunch of twigs!

    P.s. I do believe some things are for sale at the Propery. I would just contact them directly for enquiries.

  6. what an amazing collection. Drool! Reminds me of a film studio I went to visit, that had an immense props vault full of amazing objects from different eras..