Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Melbourne Home - Kat Macleod and Cam Teys

Cam and Kat balloons from their recent engagement party!

Top left - yellow and pink pig/elephant from Chapel st Bazaar. Top right - Pop Ink : Decor-a-Board given to Kat by a close friend.. purchased from In the Woods (Northcote). Bottom - lovely loungeroom... featuring an Aubrey Beardsley black and white print from an op shop (above the couch).

Dinign area, and Kat's favourite Marimekko cup by one of Kat's favourite illustrators - Maija Louekari.

Got another gorgeous Melbourne Home to share with you today... these shots are from the beautiful apartment of super-famous, ever-modest Melbourne illustrator Kat Macleod, and her partner - equally talented musician Cam Teys (he's the drummer in Melbourne band Gaslight Radio).

Kat and Cam are the cutest couple ever. Seriously. They also just got engaged last month in NYC! (I promised I would make it clear that they don't always have huge gold balloons in their house spelling out their names!! These kooky decorations were for their engagement party just a week ago!)

Cutest. Couple. Ever.

Kat and Cam have only recently moved into their beautiful older-style apartment in Carlton... it's such a gorgeous little nest, with amazingly high ceilings and huge windows, and lots of leafy foliage in the garden - visible from every light-filled room.

As you'd expect, there are quirky feminine flourishes in every room, lots of artwork by friends, and pieces by some of Kat's favourite illustrators. Cam balances out the girly stuff with his musical equipment, the odd motorbike mag and his favourite James Dean photographs!

Kat and Cam's friends gave them their couch. The yellow 'upholstery' is a doona cover Kat bought at an op shop. The cushions are all either op-shop or Ikea! The copper gloves on the side table are the most amazing engagement gift from friends! There's a boy and a girl hand. Sweet!

Dining area - Cam's James Dean photo hangs above the dining table alongside 'Roses and Hips', an original drawing by Tina Berning, one of Kat's favourite illustrators. It was bought on a trip to new york 2.5 years ago.

Bedroom details... wish I could have captured the light and enormous windows better (These windows are actually twice this tall! - I need a wide-angle lens!). Suzy sits in the window looking at the rain... The pillowcase is by Miranda July - from Third Drawer Down. Kat and I planted the red lips above Cam's side of the bed just for the photo! As if it wasn't girly enough... hee!

A beautiful little sketch of Cam and Kat hangs in the hallway, drawn by their good friend James Lin, from a photo he took of the pair at dinner one night.

Silver-foil peach made by Cam for Kat. Awwww! The embroidered doily was customised by Simone Elder, one of Kat's partners in graphic design studio, Ortolan.

Top - Kat and her baby, Suzy!! 10 year old burmese. Not in the photo is Andy, Cam's 10 year old black & white reclusive cat. (Very camera shy!). Bottom - new Iittala bowl, with illustrations by Klaus Haapaniemi. A gift from Ortolan for Cam and Kat's engagement. Don't you love all that beautiful lush green foliage outside the kitchen windows???

Lovely little bathroom details - Pencil shaving necklace by local jeweller Victoria Mason, Wooden heart earrings by Maru.

Kat enforces a 'Green Only' policy for bathroom essentials! All toothbrushes, product packaging and accessories must be green!

Succulents and other happy little plants on the back deck :) (It was rainy, or I would have ventured further outside!)

a huge, HUGE thanks to Kat and Cam for letting me run around their beautiful home on a Sunday morning with my camera! Also thanks for feeding me Dench bakery goods! :) Too lovely!

ps) If you missed my interview with Kat back in November last year, here it is!


  1. wow! what an exclusive look into kat's place! she is so talented and looks down to earth which makes her more adorable.

  2. Congratulations Kat. Nice place.
    Jeremy (and Tess!)

  3. Such a sweet homely place, love the melbourne houses lucy, keep finding more...

  4. Thank you for sharing your home and life with us! I read this in the morning and felt 'happy' - a reflection of your home and life Kat & Cam!

  5. Kat is such a talented illustrator! Thanks for the peak into her home. I love the "Here you will dream of endless kissing" pillows - very cute touch.

  6. Another amazing post as usual Lucy! Great work! Kat fans should take note of her second solo show at Lamington Drive in November. It's going to be absolutely amazing!

  7. Looks like a real home! Im kinda digging the gold balloons - a little to much maybe!!

  8. What a fabulous tour. Kat & Cam's space is gorgeous.

  9. That should be October for Kat's exhibition :) Dates here:

  10. I stared this post before I even read it because I knew it would be amazing.

    AND IT IS!

    Not over done, so homely, so so so sweet. x

    Renee x

  11. beautiful! just beautiful!! thanks for the peek. their home is full of fabulous treasures x

  12. What a great home, great feel to it, love it!!

  13. Okay, those balloons are simply awesome. In a gaudy, over-the-top way.

  14. Ow I LOVE the balloons and think they should be a permanent addition to the house :)
    What a super cute couple and a gorgeous home!
    :) Kat is the cutest ever!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  15. Wow!! All soooo good!! Great photos!!

  16. This is so inspiring. I'm looking for ways to build up some character in my drabby modern apartment, this has given me some tips. Thanks, love the blog (especially because you update everyday!). Congratulations to Kat and Cam!

  17. Wow, what a gorgeous apartment...I wanttttttt!!!

  18. Oh thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm sure Kat and Cam will be so happy to see all your sweet words :)

    I worry my photos did not truly capture the extreme gorgeousness Of this little place but anyway... Comments always make me happy! Thankyou! X

  19. girl! the selby has nothin' on you! this home speaks of love and fun, it's fabulous.
    wishing kat and cam a great life together.....looks like they're off to a flying start, if the 'vibes' of this shoot are anything to go by. x

  20. ah lucy this is an amazing feature! reading the design files always fills me with glee for other people's creativeness! such an adorable house and people.

  21. Loving your posts Lucy! Such gorgeous snaps into real homes. Another great inspiration.

  22. I'm so in love with their house! I'm definitely going to pick up the miranda july pillowcase set. love it. what a fantastic blog you have!

  23. Great post, and what a cool home!! Kat is one of my favourite artists, I just love her work... I'll keep an eye out for her 2nd solo exhibition and will probably use it as another excuse to come and spend the weekend in Melbourne!

  24. Hi Lucy,

    I am a recent transplant to Carmel (CA) from Flinders (VIC). Your charming posting on Kat & Cam's home only made me homesick for the fantastic pool of Melbourne artist/designers. I have yet to find anything comparable here.

    Longlive Aussie style!


  25. This post just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Kat is cool.