Monday, July 20, 2009

This is not a Design Market (apparently?)

For the record, This is not a Design Market most definitely was a design market. Fantastic turnout of enthusiastic crowds, great cross-section of designers, artists as well as live music, food and a generally fun, relaxed Sunday-in-Melbourne atmosphere. Also the venue at 'The Factory' 500 La Trobe st was excellent! I cannot believe there are still huge industrial spaces like this left vacant in the CBD! Great stuff.

Highlights below!

Met the lovely Madeleine from Made by Mosey for the first time after featuring her work on the site here!

Also met the Woot 'n Wright team after featuring their work on the site here. Love the new fabric brooches, modelled here by Amy!

Third Drawer Down was pumping! Great to see some new designs from them... Loved this teapot print above.

Paper Tiger was back with those stools... showing their work alongside lighting by Volker Haug Spin Spin Handmade cushions... who entertainingly showed 'Volker Haug' cushions with prints and patterns inspired by Volker's lights. and

Nicholas Jones sliced away as enthralled audience looked on...

Marcos Davidson's stunning handcrafted silver jewellery... love love love that bracelet (bottom right)

MMOP had a busy stand upstairs where they did some printing demonstrations etc.

Jewllery by Jeu de Tree

Was surprised to see Australian sofa / furniture manufacturer Jardan here...! But their furniture is locally handcrafted, and they showed some stunning new pieces... and we should all be supporting locally made furniture!

I love sofas. Yes I do!

Dan Honey and Paul Fuog from the Co-Op sell their gorgeous height charts... while cute kids take the opportunity to measure themselves while nobody is looking! There was much cute-child spotting to be done. How about this gorgeous little thing in stripey leggings and a tutu? Wish I could get away with that look.

Are these art installations for sale? Who are they by? Mystery mystery.

Love this super kooky 'fountain' made from found objects and a paddling pool(!) by Peter McLisky. It got a lot of attention, even though he said it was just a fun project to jazz up the space alongside his art pieces.


  1. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a graphic designer

    Kiss from Melbourne

  2. ooo. some fabulous stuff here - shame we were packing all weekend - but it looks fantastic.
    love the jewellery esp...

  3. 'we should all be supporting locally made furniture!'
    Couldn't agree more Lucy (E Brunswick bars 2) - love the Jardan cabinet - bleached beech? Beautiful.

  4. Great wrap-up of the market, now I feel like I was properly there (rather than stuck at my stall!) So much great stuff, I wanna go back!