Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Melbourne Design Guide

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks you'll know that the eagerly anticipated new Melbourne Design Guide was launched this week! It is truly the bible of Melbourne design - outlining not just design-focused retail, but also galleries, studios, snippets and recommendations from local designers, bars and cafes with a design-sensibility... anything and everything visually stimulating in this beautiful city!

If you're heading to Melbourne anytime soon I would honestly recommend by-passing the Lonely Planets and instead picking up a copy of this fantastic locally-produced resource! It's absolutely exhaustive... I can only imagine the hours it must have taken to pull together. It's also beautifully designed by Chase & Galley... and feels like a well-loved journal, laced with hand-drawn details and layered collage-style illustrations.

If you visit the website you can actually flick through sample pages of the book and get a much clearer view of the stunning layout etc... much better than the scans I've included here.

Oh oh and guess what? They wrote up The Design Files! Yaaaaay! I was so excited when I read that! (They also mentioned my fella's bar, Mr Wilkinson in Brunswick... So editor Viviane Stappmans and her team are seriously in my good books for at least 3 years! :)

Buy the book online for only $40 including postage! ($55 international).

Mr Wilkinson and The Design Files both get a mention! Wooo!


  1. Such a fantastic book; I can't wait to take home a copy!

  2. Dude, you could WRITE this book. Anyway, layout looks fresh & awesome - love it!

  3. hi there lucy. thanks for writing about us and all the kind words!

  4. this looks fantastic. And I think I want to get a copy as I am heading to melbourne in OCT

    (I had planned on using your fantastic blog anyway as help to find the good stuff!)

    But I noticed that there is also a Sydney one, but I haven't heard anything about it yet. Just the melbourne.

    Do you think I should get both?? ( I am from Sydney, but feel like I miss out on all the good stuff too!)

    Renee x

  5. Thanks for your commentss!! So sorry I am a bit run off my feet and have not had a chance to reply to as many comments as I would like at the moment...! (Let alone reply to all my emails.. must apologise for that too!)

    Kate S - thanks so much for your comment - YES you must get a copy. A gorgeous little publication and it somehow feels so truly 'Melbourne' even down the the layout and paper stock.

    Tess - HA you are too sweet!! But I think I would go crazy putting this together... I have the privilege of being able to fix up any little mistakes, typos or incorrect details with the blog! Print is scary! xx

    Viviane - am still flicking through it all and making new discoveries.. thankyou for giving us such a great and exhaustive compilation of what this beautiful city has to offer! You deserve a holiday now!

    Art 4 Friends - YES get the Sydney one. I want it too! I am coming to Sydney soon and need to swot up on my local knowledge...! But it's much better getting the two together. Such good value!

  6. Can't wait to get a copy. I'm moving to Melbourne in 3 weeks - this is brilliant timing!

  7. Oh yay - there is a sydney one! I will be there in a month so that is perfect!

  8. Gah my bloglines hasn't been updating with your posts so I'm just catching up now!!! That book looks great and I walked past Mr Wilkinson the other day with Jake thinking that it looked great from the outside and that I wanted to go in!!!! Should have known you were involved somehow! Ha!

  9. the design of this is always so amazing! swoon. great to see you got a mention too.

  10. this looks fantastic!! cant wait to get my hands on one. and congrats to you and your boy for getting in! x