Sunday, June 28, 2009

New look - and Twitter!

Hi hi! Hope you guys like the new look... it's not perfect... but I have been known to never do anything for fear of it not being perfect... so I thought best to get on with the mast-head change and tweak it later, instead of doing nothing at all. I was so sick of that last one. The gorgeous art-deco style font reminds me of the signage on the Guggenheim Museum. Would love your thoughts!

Also... as you can see I just signed up to Twitter! I was in two minds for a long time... but I just took the plunge! It's a weird mix of terrifying and addictive, all rolled into one. I need to learn the ropes. Anyway, if you are on it... please follow me! And I will follow back :)


  1. I do prefer this header:) The fonts are clean and since you have such a "full" website with so many photos it's more balanced now:)

    Love the yellow "daily";)

  2. Looking good :-D What font is that? It's not Nuetra Text is it? Ever since I've used that font for a school project its ALL I see everywhere now. hehe. Dont you hate that?

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Sofia - that is a great point! I am always in 2 minds... I love Grace's layout over at Design*Sponge but I do feel the 'clean' look makes for an easier read perhaps. Catch 22. I really appreciate your thoughts!

    Esz - Yes it's Neutra! Good spotting! ;)

  4. lucy - no! twitter?! really?!! as if you'd have the will you be tweeting between midnight and 1am?! loving the blog, just read the ballet post - incredible pics and great descriptions made me wanna go! x