Sunday, June 28, 2009

Husk sale windows

Noticed these nice windows in Husk in Carlton yesterday... it's just tissue paper! The pom-poms are as big as watermelons though.

So simple but so effective! These would make such pretty party / event decorations...

*UPDATE - Fantastic blogger and loyal TDF reader Kate (aka captainkk) has kindly hunted down instructions for making these tissue-paper pom poms! I think Martha's are the best (of course), but there's also more info here and here. Thanks so much Kate! x

*2nd UPDATE! Aimee McCallum of Tiger Peacock emailed me today to let me know that these instore displays are her work! Beautiful work Aimee! Everyone loves your pom poms!


  1. I would enter that's for sure! Truly original:)

  2. How on earth would you make such a thing though? They really are lovely!!

  3. I can see, you don't slow down. This is the best blog of the kind in Australia, soon one of the best of the Universe. So glad it's based in Melbourne. So pleased have found it!

  4. hi lucy.. i saw really easy instructions for how to make an even prettier version of these on a blog recently.. i'll backtrack down the rabbit hole and try and find it and let you know.

  5. Woot! New blog header! Nice.

  6. thanks so much for your lovely comments!!

    Sofia - yes I was even in a hurry and still was inspired to go in - briefly! That's the power of a beautiful window!

    Michaela - luckily Kate found the instructions online for us! Check the update post!

    Isabel - Thankyou so much for your kind words! It made my day! :)

    CaptainKK - thanks again for the pom pom instructions! I wanna have a go myself!

    Tess - thankyou! It's not perfect but it's better than before!

    Imogen - thanks! You talking about the pom poms or my new header? Either way, thanks so much for your comment!


  7. my girlfriend made these pom poms in hot pink for her daughter's bedroom, they look awesome.
    and that captain kk is all class!
    and where on earth is husk in carlton?? seriously, have i been hiding under a rock? i only know the city store. hate that! x