Monday, May 25, 2009

Does not Equal

Dual Chain Reflections necklace by Does not Equal - AU$99.00

Dual Flags necklace - AU$79.00 and Triple Medallion necklace - AU$89.00

Does not Equal is a unique Melbourne jewelery & accessories label run by designer Charisse Black. Charisse graduated from RMIT in 2007 with a Bachelor of Communication Design, and started her jewellery design business soon after graduating, with the goal of producing distinctive jewellery for the male market. There's still so little jewellery designed exclusively for men, it's great to see a savvy young designer pouncing on this gap in the market!

Charisse's work is characterised by strong, clean lines and geometric design elements. "Black Truth/ White Lies" is her latest range - a 20 piece unisex collection which draws inspiration from the balance between light and dark, good and bad, truth and lies.

Charisse's creative influences stem from many different disciplines... she's drawn to the Scandinavian lifestyle and their design aesthetic, from fashion to interiors. She admires labels like Acne, Resterods, Surface to Air, and Rickard Lindqvist.

Does not Equal is available online, and in the coming months will be available in selected boutiques across Australia. In Melbourne they can currently be found at Rude Health (17 Irwell street St Kilda) and ComeBack Kid (Level 1, 8 Rankins Lane CBD - opening sometime this month!).


  1. god i love melbourne. our designers rock

  2. gorgeous lucy! congrats you've been awarded the 'awe-summm award', please drop by 'femme de montmartre' and see what all the fuss is about.
    thanks for your awe-summm blog. x shelley t