Monday, April 20, 2009

Newest Sponsor - Boombi !

Boombi babywear, designed in Melbourne

Heeey! How was your weekend? Mine was SHORT. 2 days just isn't long enough anymore. Not after Easter. Surely 4 days on, 3 days off would be much more civilised?


I want to take a moment to introduce you guys to my newest sponsor!

Boombi is a uniquely kooky range of unisex babywear for newborns to 2 year olds. It's a one-lady business based in Melbourne, and designed by Tarnya Chambers.

With a background in retail and also graphic design, Tarnya based her range on the idea that babies clothes should be more in line with what grown-ups like to wear. So instead of pinks, powder blues and teddy bears, Tarnya created a slightly more punky range of babywear, in great grown-up colours like marle grey, teal green and black and white. 'Cos if you've got a tough, sassy, discerning 1 yr old, you just might need to dress them in something with a little more punch than a frilly pink jumpsuit and matching booties. You know?

Boombi's first range includes long sleeve jumpsuits, long sleeve t-shirts & short sleeve t-shirts, and there'll be 4 new series designed per year!

A huge thanks to Boombi for supporting The Design Files! :) If you have a sec, share the love and pop on over to the Boombi website to check out Tarnya's unique range! You can buy online through the Boombi online shop, or email for local stockists.


  1. oooh too cute. kids always get the coolest stuff these days... why can't these come in a grownups size!

  2. WOW! thanks! i already bought 2 tees for my baby. The most beautiful designs i have seen for ages...

    My Boombi loves it!!

  3. Probably best you take this post down. I bought jumpsuits online from these people 3 months ago and they never arrived. They haven't responded to my emails and their website is down except for the payment page- you can still buy from them but the rest of the site is down....