Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melbourne home - Linlithgow rd, Toorak

Sooo, I've been meaning to share more Melbourne homes with you guys since the first one I featured a couple of months ago... but as you've probably noticed I am having a little trouble keeping it up regularly...! Aggh. I really, truly have every intention of getting this happening properly... it's just that it takes so much time to source and photograph people's homes, and it can be kinda tricky asking people to share their intimate spaces in this way! Soon, soon.

Anyway, this Melbourne home is a bit of a cheat, because, as you can see, I didn't take the photos... or find the house! These are the real estate agent's pics for an incredible home in Toorak which is currently for sale ($5 - $6 million, if you're wondering).

Jaw-dropping or what? It's like today's version of Peter Seller's 'The Party'! I'm not usually a big fan of lavish mansions, but you know, I thought this one was stylish enough to warrant sharing! And how about the art collection? (...and they've got Poliform walk-in robes too.) Aaagggggghh.

Of course homes like this definitely require their very own website and personal domain name (http://6linlithgowroad.com/)!!! Abercromby's Real Estate Agents are clearly more than a little excited to be selling this home! Head over to the website for heaps more photos, not to mention floorplans, neighbourhood maps and details, and all the info you could possibly need to persuade you to part with that spare $6mil.

I have to say a huge thank-you to illustrator and fellow Melbourne gal Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design for this brilliant tip-off! Thanks for thinking of me!


  1. oh my oh my oh my!
    for once a "mansion" that isn' just lame and expensive looking and clearly straight out of a catalogue.

    This is amazing. I just love all the designess!! ahhh!

    And that is unbelievable about having its own domain name. It will be interesting to see if it sells, given the "timesx

  2. Let's have some more down to earth, achievable real estate, this Toorak joint is a bit much, y'know?

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies! Super-flash indeed!

    Emma... awww... come on! I never usually blog about mansions! This is the first time! Remember the gorgeous St Kilda Rental apartment I shared a little while ago? (http://www.thedesignfiles.net/2009/01/melbourne-homes.html)

  4. Hey Lucy good on you for sharing it!
    After I emailed you I noticed in Saturdays The Age Domain a snippet about the house. It belongs to a certain Skilled Engineering CEO Greg Hargrave and his wife Mardi and their three daughters. Mardi Hargrave is apparently an interior decorator (grouse taste!) It was originally built by SJB architects for Rodney Smorgon in the mid 80's.

    Anyhoo it was fun to have a sticky beak. Oh and brace yourselves... They're expecting $7 million plus (choke!)

    Oh yeah, the personal domain name is a hoot!

  5. 2i thought this place looked familiar!! i was looking at the melbourne weekly this morning. so beautifully decorated!! every room is absolutely perfect!! thanks for posting. *dreams*

  6. Sorry Lucy, maybe all this talk of 'recession' has got me realising that my budget is so crappy, and this address looks so expensive!! It is good to dream though :-)

  7. I know one of the daughters! She is in my class at school! Been to the house! Ammmaazing! Anywho!