Thursday, March 12, 2009

Studio OOOMS

Dandelion Lights made from cables ties... (see the huge pile of cable ties on the ground!). So simple, so effective. OOOMS says "With a lot of patience we’ll be rewarded with beautiful new structures, which can only emerge by fervent monkish work". Love it!

A similar chandelier-style light, created for TU Delft. The University organised an exhibition about modern plastics and its uses. The chandelier consists of 25,000 cable-ties, painstakingly zipped together into one giant lighting object. Currently the French Chandelier is part of the collection of Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Studio OOOMS is a Dutch design studio run by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout. They are both graduates of the fabulous Design Academy Eindhoven!

OOOMS creative output exemplifies everything I love about Dutch design - originality, personality, quality of craftsmanship and just plain kooky-ness :) Their website is full of many smile-inducing ideas... and some eyebrow-raising ones too! (you'll know what I mean when you see them...!)

OOOMS also runs unique creative workshops and lectures for companies and schools around the world. Some of their clients include Paul Smith, Adidas, MoMA, Design Museum London, The Cooper Hewitt NY, SUN Microsystems, and, again, the Design Academy Eindhoven.

More designs to make you smile! The gorgeous Solar Birdhouse (with solar panels on its roof!) is available for sale here. Also, LOVE the USB twig! How great does it look sticking out of the mac tower?! You can buy them here.

Presentation in collaboration with graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven during the Salone del mobile. Improvised workshop using found street-material... Visitors were welcomed with food, drink and atmosphere.


  1. Wow, those light fixtures are amazing! It would make such a statement in a room.