Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Japanese coloured masking tape

Photo by Oh Joy

Why do I want these so badly?

I can't figure it out. I just WAAAAAAANT them.

I think these were purchased in the US... but perhaps you can get them here (if you read Japanese...?)

Via Oh Joy!.


  1. Little Lucy! I stocked up on these when I was last in Tokyo! I can share with you a few colours if you would like! I think they were the second biggest craze after the banana cases! xxx


    look here! they even have fluorescent!

  3. I bought a whole stack in Tokyo last year. The tape is made of washi paper - it's divine. Even better than it looks in photos. I blogged about it here:

  4. Gorgeous! I want too. Will have to check out the above comment links.

  5. Oh thanks for your comments and great tips ladies!

    Ebony - Thanks so much for the sweet offer.. but I couldn't possibly steal your tapes! I am sure you would have much more use for them than I would... But thankyou so much!

    Kayrenaela - Great find! Thanks so much for the tip-off!

    Lisa - Thanks also for your tip-off! I will check out your post about these tapes! I didn't realise they were so widely known! :)

    Handmade Romance - Thanks again for commenting! Yes I'm so glad that there's some additional info here about these tapes.. will have to check out all the links myself!

  6. Damn now I want some tape!! Less than three weeks left in Japan and I'm buying EVERYTHING. I can pick some up for you if you want!!!

  7. oh i loveee this tape too! not sure i would want to use it though, its too nice!