Monday, March 16, 2009

Rebecca Wolkenstein

Photo by Gen Kay - represented by Rebecca Wolkenstein

Photo by Gen Kay

Photo by Gen Kay

You might notice a new addition in the right-hand-side column over there.... I would love to take a moment to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Rebecca Wolkenstein!

Rebecca Wolkenstein's greatest talent is introducing creative talent to the people who can best help them earn a living. From her base in Sydney, Rebecca represents a select group of fantastically varied photographers, artists and designers, among them her photographer husband Julian Wolkenstein, and previous interviewee, illustrator Beci Orpin!

Rebecca began her career working with the unstoppable Guy Venables of Look Production. Unfortunately she fell in love with one of his photographers (Julian) and moved to Sydney three years later. Julian and Rebecca lasted only a year in Sydney before relocating to take on London. Rebecca worked for one of the world's most respected creative agencies, Webber, and secured global campaigns for clients like Mercedes, Nokia, and Volvo and worked with agencies such as Devarrieux Villaret, BBH London, Mother, and Simon Fuller's 19 Management.

Photo by Murray Fredericks - represented by Rebecca Wolkenstein

Design by Andrew van der Westhuyzen at Collider - represented by Rebecca W again!

Two babies and three long winters later, Julian and Rebecca returned to Australia. Rebecca was jobless and Julian became agent-less. Rebecca started her own agency representing Julian and contrasting photographers, and diversified by representing designers to complement the agency's aesthetic. Against all odds, it seems to be doing very well.

Rebecca represents Beci Orpin, Jonathan Zawada, Gen Kay, Chris Searl, co-editor of Monster Children, Andrew van der Westhuyzen of Collider, Julian Wolkenstein, Gerrard Needham, Murray Fredericks, and UK artists Jason Pietra, Neil Massey, and Jon Compson.

Photo (detail) by Julian Wolkenstein

Rebecca's website (particularly the latest news section) is so worth a browse for some seriously stunning examples of Australian design and commercial photography. Unfortunately, my 530px wide column just doesn't do them justice! They look 100 x better on Rebecca's site at full-screen size!

A big thanks to Jethro at Viviens and Sophie at Scene for allowing Rebecca to run their image on her little ad over there! - Jethro Cave/ Viviens Models and Sophie Wilkinson/Scene Models.

photo by Neil Massey

photo by Neil Massey


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