Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Penthouse Mouse '09

Penthouse Mouse '09 in South Yarra - the leathergoods hanging on the Hills Hoist clothes line are by Mercurialist. The Tiger/Leopard art installation incorporating palm fronds is Rise up Brobra by Jamie Boys.

I love the kooky clothes racks, designed by Moth Design especially for PHM. They look like they could almost skittle off on those spindly legs! Moth Design also removed the low ceiling in this venue, to expose the structural components of the building and to maximise the natural light...

Leonard st lined their retail space with an illustrated city-skyline installation. Cute!

Incredible eery hanging installation of glowing mannequins and lights... cannot for the life of me work out who it's by.... Maybe someone will write and let me know?

Fantastic plywood dinosaur... again... not sure who this is by... so sorry! Perhaps Sam Stewart? Doesn't seem to say on the PHM map or website :( Also i loved the Drawing Machine 01 by Joseph Griffiths - demonstrated here by my dear friend Miss Leski. Hop on the bike and start pedalling to create your drawing! Awesome!

Loved the folded paper/mirror chandelier by Belinda Chen and Andrew Kupresanin (Hope that's spelt correctly). Also was amazed by Robbie Rowlands incredible piece... here he has delicately sliced and peeled back a section of existing timber pillar... so simple, so effective. More of his work here. (Amazing stuff!).

Penthouse Mouse is a unique indie fashion event / pop-up store / exhibition space / fashion show venue, which has been popping up regularly as a satellite event of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in recent years. Think of it as the festival's grungy, rebellious and much cooler younger sister.

PHM offers an incredible opportunity to emerging local designers, allowing them to meet and collaborate with likeminded designers and artists, showcase their work as part of Melbourne's prestigious festival, and even stage runway shows and other promotional events in the PHM venue. Staging this event is a absolutely massive undertaking - Melbourne's Indie fashion lovers really owe it to the incredible talents and drive of the Moth Design team (and specifically design/events dynamo Kate Hannaford) for making it happen!

PHM is back again this year in a new location *shock!* - it's on the South side of the river! Locals will know the venue as the old 'Fun Factory', 243 Toorak rd South Yarra (Cnr. Chapel st). PHM is around for 2 weeks, with a fantastic line-up of fashion shows, live photo shoots and events almost every night... head over to the website for more info.

Oh, and whilst I personally feel extremely underqualified to offer fashion advice, my fashionista sources tell me that a visit to Penthouse Mouse demands an ensemble of black, black and more black. (Thanks Nat!) x

Accidental arty photo by me (fiddling with my camera in an attempt to set it for low-light...)


  1. All the glowing arms and bodies, etc. were done by Trim├Ąpee as part of their installation. Awesome!!

  2. famous! lucky i got the heads up from nat and came in black too.

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