Monday, March 9, 2009

Craigslist gem

NYC apartment for temporary rental on Craigslist

Did I tell you I am planning a trip to NYC in June?! Oh the excitement! (wish I could go a little earlier for design week.... but work doesn't permit unfortunately).

Anyway... After suffering a bit of a heart attack looking at NYC hotel prices... (what recession?), I've been hunting on Craigslist for accommodation. Found this gorgeous pad in the East Village. Alas, only available in March. :(

But isn't it lovely?


  1. wowsers! so cool!
    You should contact Joanna Goddard at Cup of Jo...I think she either rents her apartment or may have some ideas?!

    Soooooo jealous!!

  2. aw man! you just can't stop torturing yourself!! wish Australia had craigslist. everything/one is all craigslist this, craigslist that. somehow, the trading post just isnt as good...
    anyway - lucky you for you nyc trip regardless of where you stay!

  3. Ooo any chance you remember the name of this place? The listing has been removed. I'm off to NY in May and this place looks superb!!