Monday, February 9, 2009

Leski Auctions

Left - Chemists's cobalt blue glass dispensing jar c1860, 36cm tall - minimum bid $300. Centre - Specie jar with gold domed lid c1885, 90cm tall - min bid $2,250. Right - Specie jar with gold domed lid and gold leaf lettering, 30cm tall, min bid $750. Auction this Thursday February 12th.

Leski Auctions is a unique auction house in Melbourne's Hawthorn, owned and run by Charles Leski (who happens to be the father of one of my dearest friends, Jess Leski). Actually, Mr Leski often pops up on the news or in the paper when he sells something important or interesting - like Don Bradman's 'Baggy Green', or some other similarly collectable item.

Leski Auctions is probably best known for its collectable stamps, coins and sports memorabilia - however there are so many other hidden gems to discover! This Thursday's auction includes some seriously incredible items... like these amazing apothecary bottles - some of which are almost a metre tall! I just love that pink 'powder puff' bottle...! Too beautiful.

Left - Pair of pink milk glass chemist's porcelain jars c1900, glazed and painted labels, gold leaf lettering, 42cm tall, min bid $450. Right - Specie jar c1885, 70cm tall, min bid $1500.

Left - Specie urn c1885, 75cm tall, min bid $3,375. Right - Chemist's dispensing bottle c1860, 25cm tall, min bid $225.

Also in this Thursday's auction - a selection of Australian vintage posters...

Left - c1950's Tooth's KB Lager, min bid $750. Right - c1960 Ansett Papua New Guinea poster, min bid $600.

Left - c1950's Australian immigration propaganda poster, min bid $750. Right - 1965 Hayman Island's tourism poster, min bid $375.

Left - c1965 'See Tasmania' tourism poster, min bid $375. Right - c1950s Sydney travel poster, min bid $750.

These items will be auctioned at 5.30pm this Thursday Feb 12th. Check out the website for more info.

Leski Auctions

13 Cato st

Hawthorn East

ph. 9864 9999

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