Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spunky Sprout

Zid Zid Kids animal masks - only US$12 each! Gorgeous! Love the hand-painted look and that wonderful colour palette.

There are so many fantastic online shops in the world, but unfortunately so few who ship to Australia! (What is with that!?) For this reason I get very excited when I discover a new online shop that DOES ship internationally, and I always feel obliged to spread the word...

Spunky Sprout has an incredible range of products... their focus is trendy stuff for kids from 0-6yrs - but they have some gorgeous furniture and design finds that would look equally at home in a kid-free environment! (I've got no one little to buy for, and still found so many tempting pieces whilst browsing their site!)

Spunky Sprout ship all over the world, and what's more, a proportion of all their profits goes to Reach the Children - a charity that improves the lives of underprivileged children in Africa.

Left - Spin round rug US$167, Right - Midnight Grey round rug US$679.00. Gorgeous colourways and kooky, random patterns...

Ultra-modern A Frame dolls house - US$215.00

Animal Alphabet Poster - US$52 (there's a super-cute numbers one too...)

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  1. I purchased a bed from Spunky Sprout that came damage and was so unstable upon putting it together that it was unsafe for my daughter to sleep in. For two months I waited as they neglected to send what they called a stability kit- only when I said I was returning the bed did they finally send it to me- then when I requested a return label they told me that because I received the kit that I was now responsible for the return shipping. The pictures on their website might look great but their customer service stinks! I would not purchase anything from them again!