Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan/Feb magazine round-up

Detail from the Sydney home of Furniture designer Mark Tuckey and Stylist Louella Tuckey in Inside Out Jan/Feb 09. Photo Prue Ruscoe.

The Tuckey's home again - Inside Out Jan/Feb 09. Photo Prue Ruscoe.

A cute prop-styling story in Inside Out featuring the work of previous Design Files interviewee Nicholas Jones! (see his blue book sculpture on the shelf?) Actually Nick's work also features in Vogue Living this month... ! photo - Sam McAdam, styling - Vanessa Colyer Tay.

The Jan/Feb issues of both Inside Out and Vogue Living are pretty fabulous. Inside Out features the home of Mark Tuckey and his stylist wife Louella... They've just moved to Sydney to expand the Tuckey empire... so of course they've got themselves a boat - because what self-respecting designer Sydney family doesn't?? Anyway, both their home (a rental) and boat are styled to perfection of course. Their home is warm and earthy yet super-stylish. Dream home territory.

Vogue Living is all about Joost Bakker this month... (who I am still a huge fan of despite being shunned numerous times after requesting an interview from him for The Design Files!) Anyway, Joost's Greenhouse at Federation Square features of course, and in a separate story, so does Joost's incredible home in Country Victoria. The facade is covered in one of his signature steel structures containing thousands of terracotta pots! Very cool.

I'm also including some shots from Artichoke issue 25 - which is current (ie still on sale) but not exactly hot off the press... Anyway, great issue with a focus on modern and experimental hospital / medical fit outs and sports facilities - sounds boring, but these designs truly knocked me off my seat. Really original, inspired stuff. Also a great little profile on Melbourne artist Natalya Hughes.

Vogue Living's cover features Joost's eclectic home. Photos - Earl Carter.

Detail from the facade of Joost's home in country Victoria

Ebony Bizys rounds up Tokyo Design week for Vogue - a 2-pager with some fabulous, fun and kooky finds.

Artichoke features 3 architectural masterpieces for medical institutions / clinics, including this dental clinic in Queensland. Beautiful, minimal lines, almost modern Japanese in style. Photo - Jon Linkins.

Artichoke profiles Melbourne artist Natalya Hughes... stunning, delicate flowing imagery influenced again by a Japanese aesthetic.

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  1. Yes, there are definitely some great issues out this month. LOVE the Vogue cover. Good to see them being brave again.

    The beautiful artwork in the first pic you posted is by Rachel Castle. I've just interviewed her for Daily Imprint. Not only are her artworks gorgeous (and her linen) but so is she!