Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nicole Hill photography

All photos by US photographer Nicole Hill

Have just discovered the blog of US photographer Nicole Hill. Her photos are so beautiful.. her focus seems to be commercial photography with a colourful and kooky edge... :) think Martha Stewart Kids magazine! (Oh i miss that magazine!).

Anyway. Super gorgeous shots and a great little blog. Check it OUT.

ps) If you like a bit of gratuitous love and romance... Nicole's gorgeous model couple Naomi and Josh (in the winter-wonderland shoot above) have the most schmoopi loved-up husband+wife blog in the world. I love it! Be warned, serious schmoop alert. :)


  1. oh no lucy, "rockstar diaries" is too cute.
    i wish i had a fringe. x

  2. ooooh yes. My thoughts exactly. Actually my thoughts were more along the lines of 'Can I just go to sleep tonight and wake up looking exactly like Naomi? Plleeeease?'

    She is too gorgeous for words.

    You and John are like my Melbourne version of these two. ;) xxx

  3. thank you so much for featuring my work! that was SO nice of you.

  4. Vanessa- Hi! thanks for your comment :) thanks for the link on Friday too! Hope you are well... I see you are planning a holiday! How exciting... I think I am dreaming of a New York visit this year too... gotta make it happen! x

    Nicole- thanks so much for your comment and for visiting! I was meaning to write and say I had posted about you but it slipped my mind... anyway I love your work! I will keep checking back :) x