Friday, January 9, 2009

Australian Edge interviews Pia Jane Bijkerk

Christmas spread for Dutch mag Maria. Photos by Jeroen Van Der Spek. Food and production by Yvette Van Boven. Styling by Pia Jane Bijkerk.

I know my weekly interviews have been a little sporadic of late... I hope you can forgive me.. it's truly not entirely my fault... I've usually got around 4 or 5 interviews in the works at any given time, and the super talented people I feature are often super-busy people too! So they don't always quite come through exactly on time...

Anyway in the coming weeks I have some stellar interviewees lined up... promise! :)

But for now in the absence of an interview of my own I thought I would share this wonderful recent interview with supremely talented Australian / Dutch blogger and stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk. Pia Jane's blog has a huge following these days and its not hard to see why... her lyrical language and stunning imagery combine to form an enthralling ongoing commentary of her incredible, jet-setting, creative life! An excerpt from the interview below:

You currently divide your time between Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney. How has this come about?

I moved to Paris in March of 2007 although I didn’t realise I was moving at the time - I bought a return ticket valid for 3 months just thinking I would be working on a couple of little assignments. I took a punt really, as I had plenty of work in Sydney at the time, and great clients. I just felt compelled to go. It was a gut instinct thing. So off I went, with whatever I could fit in one measly suitcase. My 3 months in Paris went very quickly although living in Paris was tough as work was difficult to find. But in that time I had met a charming and geeky pony-tailed Frenchman who’s line to get me to stay in the country was “would you decorate my apartment?”

Do check out the fantastic original interview by Australian Edge... it's a truly magical story involving much to-ing and fro-ing between Sydney, Paris and a houseboat in Amsterdam! Agghh what a charmed life Ms Bijkerk leads.... I'm so glad she shares it with us all!

Pia Jane's Blog is here
Her folio site is
Her Amsterdam agent's website is
Australian Edge is a great one to bookmark too!

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  1. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for posting about my interview, I'm so glad you liked it! Am loving your other interviews, you always pick people that I am inspired by and love to learn more about. Thanks again! xx