Monday, November 24, 2008

Introducing ads!

Love love love this ongoing series of photos by German photographer Jan von Holleben, entitled Dreams of Flying.
First things first. I want to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who visit this site regularly, or even just occasionally.... Thank you for your loyal readership, your lovely emails and comments, your encouragement and constant support! Thanks, too, for linking to the site, telling your friends about it and generally spreading the word... I can't quite believe how much The Design Files has grown in just under a year, but I truly feel so lucky to have such an incredible network of people tuning in everyday just to see what I've got to say :)

... and now onto some quite big news!

This week is a very exciting week in the short history of The Design Files. After writing the blog for almost a year, I have decided to take the plunge and offer advertising on the site!

Truth is, I love every minute I put into The Design Files... but it really does take up an awful lot of my time! I have so many ideas bubbling away for this site - new features, competitions, collaborations with other bloggers and like-minded creatives and many other cross-over projects... and I've realised that a little sponsorship would go a long way to help facilitate some of these grand plans.
So it seems only right now to give a little introduction for my first ever sponsors(!) - Crumpler Bags! After spending a couple of weeks cautiously planning my foray into web advertising, and tentatively approaching potential sponsors, it sure was encouraging when Crumpler responded cheerfully with a "sure, we'll take a banner"!

Crumpler is a truly fantastic Melbourne-born company with a great history of supporting local creatives... they often collaborate with young filmmakers/designers for their super-kooky marketing campaigns, and sponsor many Melbourne indy/artsy events (including tertiary Film Festival ‘U Film Fest’ and the Enhance TV ATOM Awards.) They’re good guys. (You might remember I interviewed their designer Joel Adams back in April).

So a big thankyou to my current one and only sponsor Crumpler! - any inquiries about ads on this site, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I'm offering nice little spots in the right-hand column at very reasonable rates :)

more Dreams of Flying by Jan von Holleben


  1. I agree, the Crumpler guys are good guys. They helped out with merch for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival too!

    Hope taking the ads plunge works out Lucy - I'm sure you'll keep out the sleaze! :)

  2. Oh Claire thanks so much for your comment :)

    Yes Crumpler are so great... I know so many great fundraisers and Melbourne events etc that Crumpler has generously supported! Yay for that :)

    Thanks too for your well wishes with the ad thing! Don't worry all ads will be classy and content-relevant I promise!

  3. The last picture is full of action and boys are super cute. It makes me grin. :-)

  4. Yay for ads! Am interested in finding out more – let's talk when I am in Melbourne?