Monday, November 24, 2008

Dumbo Feather handmade envelopes

Famed Australian independent 'mook' (magazine + book = mook) Dumbo Feather have come up with a fabulous idea for damaged / unsaleable copies of their gorgeous publication. These mini envelopes are part of an ongoing project whereby the pages of these unread backissues are recycled and turned into something new… apparently it is their goal to ensure that no page of Dumbo Feather is wasted!

Available from the Dumbo Feather online shop - $15.00 for a colour-themed pack of 3 handmade envelopes, 3 plain cards, 3 labels and 3 sticker seals.

The envelopes were handmade by Dumbo Feather reader Kate Mason, who also creates other envelopes and paper goods from all kinds of recycled papers which she sells on Etsy. (Kate is currently overseas but check back in the new year for more handmade papery goodness)

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  1. Wow - for some reason I only found this article now, but wanted to say a huge thank you! I ADORE your blog and was trawling the archives and what do I find but me?!
    Thanks Lucy - really very sweet of you.