Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily Imprint 'Burst of Inspiration'

Banquet scene from a children's TV show I worked on earlier this year with a kind of Indian/Moroccan theme. I
quickly became known as the go-to girl for ruched tablecloths. ;)

Thank God You're Here Series 2 (I think?). Swish lounge room set inspired by French designer Christian Liagre.

Oooh la la I have just realised that the lovely Natalie of Daily Imprint has just posted a little 'burst of inspiration' about me today. She says some lovely things... I'm blushing :)

There are also a handful of shots over there of my set dressing work on Channel 10's Thank God You're Here, and one from a new kids show I worked on earlier this year called The Elephant Princess. Double-click for a larger view.

Thanks so much Natalie!


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