Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sub-Studio Blog

Loyal Loot log bowls, via newly discovered design blog Sub Studio.

Sub Studio is a small design practise in NYC... their portfolio and combined experience is more than impressive - partners Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung both have bachelor degrees in architecture, however their fields of expertise span graphic design, industrial design, jewellery design, illustration and photography to name a few.

Whilst their own design output is impressive and extraordinarily varied... Sub-Studio's most exciting project (if you ask me) is their excellent design blog, which has been in existence much longer than this little site, but somehow has only just been brought to my attention. (Thanks Toohey!)

A concise daily fix of design news and products from around the globe, pulled together by 2 very savvy writer/designers... bookmark immediately.


  1. those bowls are fabulous! I gotta get me some - somehow!

  2. yes yes I love these photos too... the arrangement and colours are so lovely :) thanks for your comment!

  3. thanks so much for such a nice write up about our blog - much appreciated...