Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Habitus - Launch Issue

An article about much loved Sydney-based, Japanese-born fashion designer Akira Isogawa featured this stunning photo of Akira's own personal stash of traditional kimono fabrics.

As I often mention, the development of this little blog since I first started in January this year has brought with it so many fantastic and unexpected opportunities... I have had the good fortune to meet some incredibly talented Australian designers and creative people through the site - something I never anticipated but am so grateful for.

Another unexpected outcome has been the opportunity to contribute written work to various publications in the real world! One of the first publishing companies to commission a piece of writing from me was the very prolific Sydney-based InDesign Group - responsible for a variety of publications such as Design Quarterly, InDesign and of course the fantastic Saturday In Design event... So needless to say I am very happy to introduce to you InDesign's latest publishing venture, Habitus magazine. The Habitus launch issue is out now, and I feel super-special because In Design actually sent me a complimentary issue... (these things don't happen very often but I'm putting the word out, just out in case anyone else wants to send me complimentary magazines...! ha ha!).

Anyway, I appear to be rambling but the point is, all self-interest aside(!), Habitus is a fantastic and truly unique offering in an admittedly over saturated magazine market, and you should seriously consider going out to buy a copy of issue 1 before the second issue hits the shelves.

Shots from the seriously drool-worthy home of Landscape designer Daniel Baffsky and Fashion Designer Sarah-Janes Clarke (is the 'Sass' in Sass and Bide). See the nice layout/typography? (top image)

What's good about it?

1) Beautiful paperstock. A variety of papers are used throughout, however the majority of pages are a stunning matt stock, velvety-soft to touch, and seriously beautiful to look at.

2) Superb design, photography and layout. Again, classic in style, unfussy... just clever, classy typography, a limited colour-palette and simple, effective layout.

3) Top-notch content - a focus on Australian and New Zealand architecture and design, with an emphasis also on architectural news and content from neighbouring regions, notably South and South-East Asia. In his editor's letter, Paul McGillick explains Habitus' goal to 'bring together dwellings of architectural interest with the people who live in them and their way of life'. Hmm... not sure if he's entirely correct in supposing that this is a truly 'unique' approach, however it is certainly true that Habitus is a juicy publication, jam-packed with carefully researched content by some excellent writers. It's wordier than your average mainstream design mag offering, though also more than accessible to the non-architects among us (and that would be me).

4) currently, the ad vs. original content quotient is remarkably good... Although I'm assuming with its inevitable surge in popularity, the advertisers will follow!

Anyway, check out my favourite pages and then go have a flick for yourself! You won't be disappointed!

The striking NZ home of Auckland architect Richard George

An insanely lavish home on Sydney's Northern Beaches, designed by Sydney architect Reg Lark. (4 bedrooms - each with ensuite, 2 studies, pool with water views, 3-car garage... you get the idea).

The same Sydney home - have you ever seen a more incredible garage? I mean... it's a garage.

Habitus Magazine
At Borders and other good bookshops / magazine retailers

RRP $12.95

Melbourne designer Chris Connell's chair collection


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