Friday, October 17, 2008

New Zealand design

Tea Bangles by New Zealand designer Lindsay Pemberton

Must apologise there's no interview today... awful isn't it!? I really must line up some more back-up options to fill these gaps. I do have a handful of wonderful interviews in the works with some truly amazing Melbourne creative folks... a very talented and prolific interiors stylist, and a truly lovely Scottish ex-pat with a very well-known Melbourne-based creative business... any guesses?

Soon soon.

Anyway, today I thought I would profile some excellent New Zealand creative happenings... There's so much great design coming from NZ! Must visit one of these days.

Lindsay Pemberton's label 'Rekindle' is the perfect name for her thoughtfully designed recycled ceramic pieces. She reinvents traditional domestic objects in an effort to challenge our thoughts about everyday objects and rituals. Her Tea Bangles, created from old-fashioned ceramic tea sets, are truly gorgeous - such a simple, engaging concept. In the same range are her delicate Heart Pendants, made by joining two cup handles to form a heart.

Rekindle Tea Bangles

Rekindle Heart Pendant

A completely different NZ design house is Esther Diamond - a textiles and soft furnishings label founded by Sandi Reefman. The label has grown rapidly since its inception in 2004, and its various ranges of soft furnishings showcase the work of many different NZ designers and artists. There's a real sense of humour evident in Esther Diamond's bold, illustrative designs... and the label's light-hearted, quirky personality is clearly evident in the design and content of the excellent Esther Diamond website - full of kooky details and quotes to make you smile.

a clipping from the Esther Diamond website

Esther Diamond screenprinted cushions

Esther Diamond tea towels - love the illustration on that New Zealand ' decorate a cake' one!

For more New Zealand design don't forget to bookmark the excellent Studio Home Creative blog, and NZ design shop/online community Clever Bastards. (Also I just discovered a really great little gallery of photos of NZ artists in their studios at Clever Bastards right here...)


  1. Oh I love those tea bangles -- what a clever idea. ^_^ Fabulous.


  2. I dig that blog Studio Home and also really like the ester diamond stuff, we have two at home.
    My blog is slightly less main stream but focuses on nz design and other nz stuff also. check it out.

  3. Paul Kayser - HeadBastardOctober 20, 2008 at 2:32 PM

    Thanks for saying such cool things about our our very talented CleverBastards. There is so much amazing talent in li'l ol' NewZild, just waiting to find its voice... watch this space.

  4. Oh wow, those tea bangles are gorgeous. I think I may need to invest some coin :-)