Sunday, October 19, 2008

Darlinghurst house tour on AT

Just a little note to say my shots of the wonderful Darlinghurst apartment we were lucky enough to house-sit Sydney have been turned into a house tour on Apartment Therapy! You guys have seen all the shots but might want to visit to read a little more detail about the home...

Just clarifying also that the owners of the apartment are close friends of ours, and of course granted me permission to take and upload these shots! AT readers seems very concerned about this...! I was a little taken aback at some of their comments :)

Anyway, you guys know me better than that!


  1. yes weird comments. perhaps overseas they have not yet heard of your unblemished record of integrity. but cool that AT picked up the story. you are good.

  2. ooooh leski thankyou for your sweet words of support :) hee hee. I should put 'unblemished record of integrity' on my bio.

    love love x x

  3. By the looks of post & the comments, the AT writer should have know better & made mention that this was done with the owners full permission. If I hadn't have seen your tour here weeks earlier, the same thoughts would have crossed my mind.
    Still a great house tour though.