Monday, October 27, 2008

Marcela Restrepo

My Leica - illustration by Marcela Restrepo

Another illustrator for you today... this time I'd like to share with you the beautiful work of Marcela Restrepo, a Colombian Illustrator currently living in Sydney. Some of her work features buildings and landmarks that might be recognisable to Sydneysiders... I love the Surry Hills piece (below) - makes me wish I had had the foresight (and the funds!) to commission something to accompany my Surry Hills Shopping Guide!

Surry Hills

King st Autos

Marcela's playful drawings are so engaging and almost naive in style... I love her fine black lines and roughly rendered blocks of colour. Reminds me of children's colouring books. Also, I'm always a sucker for hand-drawn food... don't ask me why! I love it. Marcela's gorgeous illustration for Nylon Guys magazine NY (below) reminded me a little of Maira Kalman's food paintings, which I've written about before.

Illustration for Nylon Guys Magazine, NY

the same illustration as it appeared in the page layout...

Comida Criolla - Marcela says "I did this drawing being homesick. It is my home city's most traditional dish, the Bandeja Paisa. Of course it tastes better with a Colombiana". This one's currently available for sale in her online shop.

Most excitingly, Marcela has just opened an online shop, where she sells limited and open edition affordable GiclĂ©e Prints of her drawings. She is also offering a 10% opening discount with the code ‘open7’ to celebrate her new adventure! This is valid until Thursday the 30th of October at noon, Sydney-Australia time. Beautiful and very reasonably priced pieces.

Jacky Winter illustration for sale here.

Marcela is represented in Australia by the illustration Agent Jacky Winter Group (sound familiar? Jacky Winter also represent previous Design Files interviewees Pandarosa).
Marcela's clients have included American Express, Peugeot, Energizer, Bon Appetit Magazine, Australian Financial Review, Sunday Telegraph Magazine and her mother!

More Marcela here, here and here.

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